Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Surrendering to God - Laura J.Davis

When I first felt God calling me to write about Him full time, my reaction was a resounding NO! Sure, I had written stories before, but I was mainly a songwriter. The thought of sitting behind a computer screen everyday trying to think of something to write absolutely repelled me. I began to convince myself (over the course of several months) that I was mistaken. God would not choose writing as a career for me. That was absurd! Not to mention beyond my capabilities. I knew nothing about the Christian publishing industry. Besides, I was still holding out for the return of my singing voice.

As the months of stubbornness continued on my part, I tried other outlets to release my creative side like, quilting, scrap-booking and a brief gift basket business. None of them filled the void that I knew would only be met when I fully obeyed God and surrendered to His will. Unfortunately, the desire to write about Jesus' life was almost oppressive. I was beginning to see plot lines in my head, dialogue between Jesus and his mother and a clear beginning to a story that was getting me excited. Yet, I still resisted.

The day finally came however, when the desire to write was so overwhelming that I threw up my hands and marched downstairs to my computer. Sitting there, I bowed my head and confessed my guilt of disobedience. I put my hands on the keyboard and said, "Okay, Lord. I surrender. Use my hands like you used my voice."

I placed my hands on the keyboard and an amazing thing happened! The entire story from beginning to end flooded my mind. Up until that point, I did not have an ending. Yes, it was about Jesus and yes, everyone knows how it ends, but my story was from Mary's perspective and follows her experiences as a mother who raised the Saviour of the world.

It would be three years of research and rewrites before I finally finished Come to Me. Little did I realize at the time of writing, that the theme would be on surrendering to God. Our God has a delightful sense of humour! 

I would see Mary surrender so willingly to such a frightening prospect - to be unwed and pregnant! I saw the disciples surrender themselves to Christ's Lordship and of course I learned what true surrender was all about when writing the crucifixion scene. Jesus laid down his life so willingly. He endured such a horrific death. Yet, I could not sit still long enough to write about it? I was ashamed. Especially when, during those years, God had to literally knock my feet out from under me so that I would need to be stuck at my computer to finish the job.

A fall down a flight of stairs resulted in a torn meniscus and a dislocated kneecap. I was now quite literally stuck at my computer until the job was finished. The day my manuscript was finally completed, I had one thought,"What do I do now?"

And so another journey began.

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Peter Black said...

Another welcome chapter of your story Laura!
My experience of having read, enjoyed and been heart-warmed through reading "Come to Me," has received greater insight into the writing of it and another layer of appreciation. Thank you.

Laura J. Davis said...

Thank you Peter!

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