Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thank You Peter Black - by Rose McCormick Brandon

                 (Peter and his sweetheart, May)
Once in a while, a person comes along who reaches out in all directions to encourage others.
We, at The Word Guild, have found such a friend in you, our dear PETER BLACK.
You never fail to write thoughtful comments about our blog posts, comments that inspire us to keep our fingers clicking away at our keyboards.
Thank you for continually reminding us to "Raise our Gaze," to look up because our true and best help comes from the Lord.
When it comes to blogger comments, yours are treasures.
When Kathleen wrote, Breaking Sugar, you said, "Thanks for sharing this candid candy episode. The sweet thing is how your friend was a help to you and through you a whole sugar-lovin' community got stirred up enough to overcome."
To me, you wrote, "Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story of triumph and courage springing forth from tragedy and evil." (The story was about Alice Herz Somme.)
Comments like these require well-functioning little gray cells. Your gray cells have been active on behalf of all who write for Canadian Writers who are Christian.
You bless us with your well-chosen words:
·        i-words like informative, instructive, intriguing, insightful, invested
·        p-words like panoramic, pointed, personal, perspective, parallel, prodigality (where did that one come from?)
·        c-words like candour, courage, compelling        
·        s-words like salient, sublime

On your birthday, we want to bless you with these two words – THANK YOU!

It’s taken us too long to say these words, but our lateness makes them no less sincere. From our hearts, we appreciate you.
You make our writing world a better place.
May your little gray cells generate many more words, not only in your comments to us but in your own books and articles.
May the Lord chase you down and heap blessings on your head!

Sending YOU a big group birthday hug. From all of us at TWG!


Glynis said...

Beautiful tribute, Rose. You said it so wonderfully. Peter is such a special gift to us. His plodding along with each of us on the blog faithfully each day quietly encourages and spurs us on. Thank you for expressing our collective thoughts so well. I am loving all your images, too. How wonderful. You were the perfect person to write this on behalf of our team! Bless you for this! Great post. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peter.

Janet Sketchley said...

Well-said, Rose, and Peter, thank you for being so faithful and diligent in exercising your gifts of words and encouragement.

Thank you too for your prayers for TWG members!

Amen to Rose's prayer for your grey cells... and for a huge heaping of blessing. May what you've given be multiplied back to you.

Rose McCormick Brandon said...

Blessing to you on your birthday, Peter. No one is more deserving than you.

Janis Cox said...

Amen. Blessings to you Peter,

Kathleen Gibson said...

So now we need to thank you, Rose, for this thoughtful and beautifully crafted bouquet of words you have presented on all our behalf. Peter is certainly deserving...and thank you, too!
Gratitude makes the world go round, I think.

Alan said...

Thank you, Rose. Well said. Very well said!

Ruth Meyer said...

Your said it well for all of us Rose. We're all hoping Peter will have blessings piled knee deep that will keep him wading through pleasant affirmation for the coming year.

Laura J. Davis said...

Wonderful post Rose and Happy Birthday Peter! You are one of the people in my life that I treasure. You are the ultimate encourager and when I get a post from you on my blog or an email I know it will always lift me up. God bless you my friend!

Ann Brent said...

Rose, that was beautifully expressed. And Peter - you are treasured! Hope your birthday has been filled with joy.

Peter Black said...

Hmm. BIG THANKS to you all. I'm delightfully embarrassed and rendered virtually speechless. And yet instead of yielding to my inclination to yell, "Who IS this guy? I don't know him!" I'll speak (I did say "virtually speechless," right? ;)

Seriously, I receive so much from each of you, your friendship, generosity and collegiality are priceless. Over time your posts have been instructive and inspiring to my writing life, and edifying and elevating for my spirit.
TWG has done so very much to help me grow, although my contribution is so small. And so, investing a little time in reading and commenting on your posts is for the present a small contribution I make when I can.
May the blessing of the Lord be multiplied to each of you, and prosper all that you do in His name. ~~+~~

Carolyn R. Wilker said...

Rose, another gentle and moving post, for Peter this time.

Eleanor Shepherd said...

Thank you, Rose for such a beautiful tribute to our friend, Peter. You are also a great encouragement. What a lovely thing to do!

Kathie Chiu said...

Thank you for all your kind words! Happy belated birthday, Peter!

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