Monday, April 07, 2014

My Writing Dream

Strangers in the Night starts to chime as I open the bottom drawer of my jewellery box. There, still folded up and right where I put it, is the poem I wrote for Remembrance Day in 1971. I'll never forget how nervous I was after being asked to stand up in the assembly and read that poem. The teacher had loved it and said I was very talented. As if someone would be looking at my poem, I wrote it again out in lovely script writing (well, lovely for a 12 year old) and underlined the title in my favourite deep green colour. My stomach did somersaults as I made my way on to the stage, my voice quavered just a bit but then I found my bearings and read aloud the words that had flowed through my pencil the day I wrote that poem.

Since then, words have always come easy to me, whether I'm writing them or speaking them, out they  come with very little effort. When I wrote essays for English in high school, my teacher would wonder where my brainstorming notes were or where my rough draft was. In my head I would answer. "You wrote it just like this?" she would ask. Indeed, that's how it always is.

I write because the words won't stay in. If I don't write it down, somewhere, anywhere, a journal, my blog now, on Facebook - I'll go crazy. When it's written I sigh with relief. There. Done.

Now the things I have to write, to say to the world, get recorded monthly in a column in our denominational magazine. My work running a large social services facility, a 169 bed residential program for The Salvation Army, keeps me busy. However, it also let's me see into a world rich with metaphor and stories begging to be told.

I think I'm fortunate that I don't have to make a living at writing these days, but I long for a time
when I can sit and write as much as I want. It's my writing dream. Writing, knitting, reading - and perhaps not exactly in that order.


Kathie Chiu is a Salvation Army officer. 
She lives, works and writes (and knits) in
Victoria, BC. You can read more of her writing on
her blog,  Sheep Tales and over at The Salvationist


Peter Black said...

Thank you Kathie, you're smitten for sure -- infected with the "gotta write" bug, from childhood!
The only cure is to give in to the urge and let it all out. ;)
Your closer -- "grace," however, signals that the catharsis of writing produces 'word-streams' to relieve you and bless and refresh others ... like me! ~~+~~

Peter Black said...

Hmm, Kathie, clarification is due re my parting shot -- "like me".
I don't mean, "as I do," but that your 'word-streams' bless and refesh me as well as other folk!
Keep smiling and writing. :) ~~+~~

Bobbi Junior said...

I can relate, Kathie. I too tend to produce pretty clean copy on the first effort. I've learned to back off in writing groups though. It seems to bother people at times. For me, it's natural, and easy, and right.

Now, when it comes to speaking out loud.... That's a whole other matter! LOL

God called us to work as he's equipped us. I'm good with that!

Kathie Chiu said...

Thanks, Peter! You always say such nice things to encourage! It truly is wonderful when someone tells me they read my article and it touched them. I love that feeling and it only feeds that desire to "let it all out."

Bobbie Junior, I'm good with that too!

Manda said...

I clearly remember the first time a read one of your articles. It was light but thoughtful, funny but profound. I have found that to be true of your writing ever since. Thank you for putting your thoughts down for others to read and share.

Carolyn R. Wilker said...

Thank you for sharing your memory of the poem and your love to write.

For me, I need the editing part. :)

Carolyn Wilker

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