Friday, April 04, 2014

My Writing Life by Rose McCormick Brandon

When I was ten, I spent a week in hospital, on the Children’s Ward. While there, I discovered Mark Twain’s, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. His words transported me into a world I hadn’t known existed, life on the Mississippi, a culture far removed from mine.
Twain’s words created a hum in my chest – I not only read his words, I felt them.

And I loved the feeling of them.

I wanted to re-create that special feeling with my words. I tried a few times and occasionally thought of writing, but other more active pursuits caught my eye and I followed after them.
I graduated from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College in Peterborough, made a disastrous attempt at ministry, became disappointed with God, followed my own path, got married, re-discovered Jesus Christ, had three children and poured myself into lay ministry, mainly with women.

While driving to a women’s event one early morning, a flock of geese flew over. They caused me to think that as their honking introduced the onset of Fall, the heavenly trumpet will one day precede the return of our Lord Jesus.
Then, another thought came clearly – you need to write about this.

I did. That little piece was published. After that, God placed two men in editing positions who encouraged me to write. One said, “We need more women writers in our denomination.”
My writing life has had its ups and downs – downs when work gets in the way of thinking writeable thoughts – and ups when acceptances and awards have come my way.

My present work in progress is a collection of British Home Child Stories, titled, Promises of Home, which will be published later this year. The Child Immigration period of Canadian history is a subject I’ve always been interested in. My grandmother came to Canada at age eight, an orphan, went through a tumultuous childhood and finally found contentment as a wife and mother.
I have two blogs – a faith blog titled, Listening to my Hair Grow, and my Canadian History blog, Promises ofHome, where I tell the stories of British Home Children.

In 2013, I published a collection of some of my published articles and devotionals in One Good Word Makes all the Difference.
In 2012, Sandra Nunn and I wrote and published her love story, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me.

Prior to that, Shirley Brown and I published the story of how she coped with her son’s disappearance in Vanished: What Happened to my Son?
My writing is still evolving. The publication world is also evolving.

I still often sense the Spirit nudging me, saying, write about this or that, often more than one nudge is needed.
For today, I’m focussed on my book, Promises of Home. As I delve into the lives of these little ones, I often discover that they had a strong faith, even as children, a faith that carried them to the end of their days. A reminder to me to be faithful to the Faithful One because one day, as sure as the geese honk overhead in the Fall, a trumpet will sound and our Lord will return.


Glynis said...

Thank you, Rose, for sharing a little piece of your journey. What a lovely analogy. I have been seeing geese lately and hearing the occasional honk as they scout out nesting grounds, I am sure. I believe, now, that I will hear those honks a little differently.

Your book on the home children sound fascinating.
Bless you for sharing.

Carolyn R. Wilker said...

Looking forward to that Home book and reading more of your pieces, Rose. You bring a gentle touch to your writing, just like that nudge you get to write.

Peter Black said...

Ah yes, Rose, your posts to this blog and your articles I've read elsewhere (such as in Testimony)are always enriching, warm and -- as Carolyn says -- gentle. And agreed, your honking geese analogy will live on. (Our hope in the promise of our Lord's return will likely sound more often in our hearts because of it!) Thank you. ~~+~~

Donna Mann said...

I always find it so amazing how happenings in life become such brilliant illustrations to apply to our writing. Thanks for sharing that. As well, your words, 'made a disastrous attempt at ministry, became disappointed with God, followed my own path. . . tugged at my heart and reminded me of my earlier journey. Perhaps this will become the stimulant for when I blog about my writing journey. Keep on keeping on!

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