Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Must be a Hobby -- den Boer

In my mind I'm a writer. In real life I work in a bookstore, run around for my husband's business, keep house for our family of five, and play Scrabble on Facebook.

It's not that I don't write. That's my book in the picture.

I also have a blog titled, 'Blooming.' Never mind that there hasn't been a post on it since last October. The blog is where I published the second draft of the novel, "Minnie Goes to Heaven" a product of the 2012 NaNoWriMo competition. There is also a 2013 NaNoWriMo manuscript, "Minnie Goes to the World." Between the two there might be a  decent novel. Just a thought.

At present I am reading "My Best Stories" by Alice Munro and today I bought the four volumes of Stuart McLean's "Vinyl Cafe." My head is swimming with ideas for short stories.

Maybe if I give up the Scrabble....


David Kitz said...

Ah time, where does it go? Go for it! Write that story and play scrabble in your dreams.

Tracy Krauss said...

but scrabble is so good for th brain...!

Peter Black said...

Brief and to the point, Marian, and you're so good at saying much in few words! (A gift 'thy guy' doesn't have --as you and all are well aware.)

If you stop feedin' your family cheese, they might leave home sooner, and let you complete those novels! :)

I haven't read Alice Munro (something I look forward to -- hoping to pick up thrift store copy). However, I do have a number of Stuart McLean's story CDs and several Vinyl Café story books. Marvellous! ~~+~~

Peter Black said...

Oops, my apologies Marian! That should have been "this guy" -- "moi"; not "thy guy"!

Marian said...

But "thy guy"is so poetic, Peter.

I'm going to take your advice, David.

Glynis said...

Scrabble keeps the brain from being scrambled. Keep playing it but challenge yourself on occasion with a completed board. Use all the words created by the tiles to write a story. We did that in our writer's group once. Lots of fun! Sounds like you are one busy gal!

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