Monday, April 14, 2014

A Different Springboard

I confess I'm a little different. In my mind I can hear my wife saying, "No kidding. You got that right!"

But who says that you have to go through life the conventional way? Why not break the mold? Why not be bold and try something different?
Most writers take up writing because of their profound love of reading. They are voracious readers and quite naturally their writing and love of writing springs from the deep well of literature from which they have freely imbibed. They have drunk deeply from the creative juices of others and their writing craft reflects the influences of other authors that they have read. There is nothing wrong in this. It is the natural outcome or by-product of a love for books.
I'm a little different. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy reading, somewhat. I usually have a book on the go. But am I a voracious reader? No. Not unless you consider reading three or four books over the course of a year voracious. My wife will read that many books in a week. She's a voracious reader. I'm a literary dabbler.

Having authored eight books does however put me firmly into the writer's camp. So where does my urge and inspiration for writing come from? It comes from my love of drama. It comes from my role as an actor and a storyteller. 

Almost twenty years ago I was captivated by the story of the centurion, who at the cross made that startling confession, "Truly, he is the Son of God!" I produced and told his crucifixion account in a one-man play called The Centurion's Report. After developing this drama and doing this play for six years, I realized I had the basis of novel. I began writing that novel and through a coincidence of Divine timing it was released at the same time as Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ. I promptly sold all 2,000 copies. Another 2,000+ have sold since then and later this month a US publishing house is taking The Soldier, the Terrorist & the Donkey King to committee. Of course I'm praying for that big breakthrough into the American market.

My other top seller is Psalms Alive! This devotional study is based on thirteen Psalms that I do at dramatic presentations all across Canada. I also do a full dramatization of the Book of James. I am currently working on a book based on the life of James. So you see acting and drama is at the heart of what I write.  
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finalize packing for tomorrow's trip to Charleston, SC. I'll be doing The Centurion's Report at a large Baptist church there on Wednesday.
Sometimes it pays to be a little different.


Glynis said...

David, what a great, honest post. As a former drama producer, writer and leader, I can appreciate your heart so much. Passion for the stage easily pours itself into passion for writing. I hope to one day, see you perform. Sounds like a great production. Blessings

P.S. Nice Centurion Abs!

Peter Black said...

Wonderful, David!
That's a terrific story, and calls for our prayers and Godspeed for every success and effectiveness in your present and future endeavours.
Thank you for sharing this update. ~~+~~

David Kitz said...

Thanks Glynis and Peter. I've been working on those abs all winter!

Sally said...

What an interesting story and great photos to boot! Thanks for sharing your journey!

Sally said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruth Meyer said...

I'd love to see every one of your productions! I enjoyed doing some drama too, but never thought of taking it on the road! Blessings!

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