Sunday, June 29, 2014

This Amazing Journey of Life/MANN

Ted Decker talks about his early life on the mission field in Indonesia. Friend Louise shares about her childhood in British West Indies. The woman next to me at the craft show speaks about being born and raised in Jerusalem. Each of these folks celebrate who they are in their space. And I add my few notes: I was born and raised on a farm, moved up the road after marriage and lived the first forty years of my life at a R. R. # 2 rural route address.This doesn’t quite compare with the adventure of the first three, and yet each memory proves sufficient.
 I find some similarities to this illustration in our writing world. I see Sandra Orchard’s list of accomplishments, Linda Hall’s impressive covers and Jan Cox’s creative art, each celebrating who they are in their own right. I remember sitting in Jean Little’s living room many years ago and looking at her collection of books with the words, Jean Little, written down the spine. And I thought, some time, me too. Today, I look at my bookshelf and think, ‘well done – you have contributed in different ways’. More recently, I read where Alice Munro has retired from writing. How can one totally do that?  We learn from those who have gone before, or lovingly walk with us, don’t we?
Last week, I saw the obituary of Dr. Margaret Mahoney from Toronto. “One of two women in her program (DDS) at University of Toronto in 1944.” I graduated from UofT in 1982 and I too remember being one of two women in some subjects in my program toward ordination. Now, after my doctorate and serving as adjunct professor in Women’s Study of a conservative seminary, I may be the only ordained woman. What would we do without those who go before us and forge the way?
It is good to look at where God leads people, to celebrate the gifts God gives them and to acknowledge opportunities placed on their path of life. It is exciting to reflect on how one part of our life fits with another and we realize God has crafted an amazing journey.
At times, this has taken me into trouble zones, from losing friends to tripping on other people’s interpretation of my words and actions. An important part of my life’s walk has been and continues to promote women’s equal place with men in the leadership of the church and to see how God honours
that. Another significant jump-start for me is to read the Bible inclusively — that in itself has put many gates in fences. These efforts offer positive challenge and awareness through the choice to persevere and follow the road less traveled.
Watch for the sign-posts. The directions can be very interesting.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Donna Mann
Agnes Macphail series: (Brucedale Press/Pt. Elgin)
A Rare Find: (Castle Quay Books Canada)
WinterGrief: (Essence/Belleville)
Take Time To Make Memories (Manna Publications)


Tracy Krauss said...

Amen to this. Each of us has a unique purpose

Peter Black said...

Donna, thank you for generously highlighting the accomplishments of others, especially those women who have gone before, and helped pave the way for succeeding generations.
Your own accomplishments continue to accrue to the blessing of people's lives and pointing to the mercy and grace of God, and in honour of Him. ~~+~~

Donna Mann said...

Amen! to both of your comments. Oh, but sometimes we go where angels fear to tread.

Glynis said...

I was trying to remember when I first met you, Donna. I know you were in a leadership position - I think you might have been leading worship at a God Uses Ink conference. Ever since that moment I recall how something drew me near to your spirit. I remember many of our interactions from the visit and sweet angel you and Heidi brought me after my Mom passed away to our many online sharing and working together moments, to the privilege Gilles and I had witnessing first-hand your onstage creativity. Blessed and thankful that you, RR#2 gal, have made a beautiful mark in my life and many others, too! Great post.

N. J. Lindquist said...


Donna Mann said...

Thanks Glynis and N.J. - and here I am thinking I'm the blessed one in having you both on my contact list. <3

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