Friday, June 13, 2014

On Bliss

Since I'll be at WRITE! Canada when this appears, I'm sharing a poem from my store of writings.  Hope you enjoy it.

On Bliss

 I once was asked  to contemplate  
          Get right into the mood of this-  
Consider what are all the things, 
          That surely would bring me much bliss.

I sat back and put up my feet,
          And started to stare into space,
Is bliss doing, being, seeing?
          This question I surely must face.
So I sat there, really pondered
          And slowly my thoughts came around.
To my mind there came a whisper
          From my heart  where such things are found.

To begin each day in quiet,
          Listening for love sounds from God,
To step out on a fall morning
          To smell pungent leaves and the sod.

To crunch through the leaves in autumn
          See purple lined clouds in the sky,
To see dew kissed flowers and webs,
          And catch them with camera’s eye,

To walk along sandy beaches
          Find round pebbles of every hue,
To walk, ski, sit in the moonlight,
          Feel peace and hushed quiet anew,

To catch the marvelous sweet scent
          Of wood shavings or new-mown hay,
Taste a strawberry from the patch
          Or a wild one found on the way,

 To sit with canvas and brushes,
          Then painting the beauty around,
To listen to birds insect, frogs,
          As they each lend musical sound,
To sit at cottage’s lakeside,
          And hear o’er the water, loon’s call,
To see the beautiful sunset
          And the first star when comes night-fall,

To hold the hand of a loved one,
          Behold a child’s eyes with love’s light,
To experience meeting of minds,
          Bond with another in delight,

To face challenge inviting growth,
          And draw on the depth of your soul,
To laugh at yourself, share a joke,
          To reach an unreachable goal.

These, just a few that bring delight,
          That in this life I’d hate to miss,
In truth, as I pondered it o’er,
          Certainly they’re what I would call bliss.

But what is bliss, kept to oneself,
          And hoarded in silence alone?
It’s true, that it can feed one’s soul
          Bring a harmony to life’s tone.

But share that bliss with another,
          And worship your Maker on high,
Bring praise, exuberant thanksgiving
          Let Him hear your awe-filled cry,

Your bliss may surprise, astound you,
          As it’s multiplied, then abounds
Warmed in His beautiful presence,

          You’ll stand there on God’s Holy ground.


Tracy Krauss said...


Peter Black said...

Delightful gaze-raising sentiments, Ruth.
Lovely pics too - especially the one of you and Hubby. :) ~~+~~

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ruth, for the lovely reminder that 'Holy ground' is as close as our garden when we fellowship with God.

Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

Glynis said...

What a beautiful, peaceful reason to be grateful. Bliss is everywhere if only we put on our God eyes. Thank you for this, Ruth.

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