Saturday, January 03, 2015

Three Little Words for 2015 by Rose McCormick Brandon

Most days, I read 1-3 chapters of the Bible. But some days, I read only a few words before I have to stop and ponder their meaning.
Today, I read only three words: “Abide in me.” (John 15:4)
These power-packed words stopped me in my tracks.
I’ve been waylaid by Christmas company which has led to making memories with my grandchildren, lots of  good conversation and family reunions, movies with friends and concerts. I've also been writing and updating two of my books. In the back of my mind, I'm organizing a webinar for the Ontario Genealogical Society and planning a Bible Study on Joshua for the Ladies Bible Study at my church.
In the midst of enjoyable activities, I sometimes feel I'm drifting away from God.
Today, these words

Abide in Me

stopped me in my tracks and brought me back to the thing that matters most – my relationship with God.
Abide means to live, to make myself at home in God.
When I forget He is my Home my worries seem bigger. I lay awake at night and fret. I think of all the things that haven't turned out the way I expected. I forget to thank Him for all the things that have turned out better than I expected.
These three words,  "Abide in Me," draw me into His embrace.
With these words God is saying,
"Come. Rest in Me. Lean your head on my shoulder. I have everything you need to live in peace today."
Rose McCormick Brandon is the author of four books: Promises of Home - Stories of Canada's British Home Children, One Good Word Makes all the Difference, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me and Vanished. Visit her website Writing from the Heart or her blogs, Promises of Home and Listening to my Hair Grow. 


David Kitz said...

A fine reminder in busy times, Rose. Thank you.

Rose McCormick Brandon said...

David - I find that the Christian life has a tendency to get complicated. When that happens, I look for Christ's simple message to get me back on track. "Abide in Me" is one of those uncomplicated messages that keeps us in the middle of the road and out of the ditches.

Peter Black said...

Thanks Rose. The challenge to the 'abiding life' that busyness brings is very real. Even the useful technology that connects us and allows us to share horizontally, as we're doing here, also contributes to that busyness.~~+~~

Glynis said...

Such a beautiful reminder for me. I know that feeling of 'drifting away from God' when I get wrapped up in the happenings around me. Our Christian faith is like a marriage. We never arrive - we need to work at it with joy and passion every day! Thank you Rose.

Belinda Burston said...

Amen to the post and previous comments! :)

Rose McCormick Brandon said...

The good thing is that we all sense our need of God. Life is so unsatisfying without Him.

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