Monday, January 26, 2015

Yea Thou I Walk Backwards I See His Mighty Power at Work by Glynis M. Belec

My little sister, Sue. May your sleep be peaceful,
free from torment and struggle
     Yea thou I walk through the valley of yet some more terrible news, I know I will get through it. Last Wednesday, my sister died suddenly. Her Celebration of Life was this past Saturday. My heart weeps for my little sister but I know that I will get through it, in time, because God is my refuge and my strength. Right now I will rest beside the still waters so that my soul can be refreshed. It still hurts. But God promises to take away my pain one day. I choose to believe that. 

I will fear no evil because I have been through the basic training and God has shown me how to put on His whole armour. Four months ago when my dad had his heart attack I wondered how we would cope. Dad didn't want to stay in his house any more and the challenge of caring for an elderly parent in his own home was becoming great. Not to mention, We were caring for two households which was a monumental task some weeks. [Well at least it was starting to seem that way]. Then God opened wide the door. Our house that had been for sale for almost a year just wasn't selling. So we took it off the market. One hour after the decision was made for Dad to move in with us, his house sold. At first I was baffled. But then I realized that our original intention when my hubby and I put our home up for sale, was to downsize. If our house had sold that would have meant there would have been no room for Dad to move in with us. God wasn't kidding when He said: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. . ."

For thou art with me, is a very true reassuring statement of fact. Each time I start to sink, the Lord lifts me up. My son-in-law, who is very dear to my heart, was diagnosed with testicular cancer about nine months ago. It was another devastating blow to our family, but the presence of God was surely with me as we dealt with yet another challenge. But all through the journey, I could feel the Holy Spirit divvy out the blessed hope so vital to positive healing. We remain hope-filled and grateful. 

Thy rod and thy staff they really do comfort me just as God promised. And with that comfort comes sweet relief. His rod continues to be my guide and helps balance me as I traverse the rocky terrain we call life. About a year and 9 months ago, just after we learned that my hubby has CLL - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, I felt that I would surely trip and fall. How could I possibly manoeuvre my way through this rocky road? But I soon learned to lean heavily on that rod of God. I was reminded that this was not the first time the Great Shepherd with His secure staff had helped us tackle the rough terrain. I remembered how I trusted God to get me through my own battle with cancer. I knew God would see us through this valley, too. 
Who was it anyway, who said to Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials? Seriously?The testing of your faith produces endurance? There are some days I really think I am going to fail the test. And then I read about how endurance has its perfect result, so that you (I) may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. I don't want to be perfect, but I do want to please my Lord. That said, if I need to suffer some more biting news, then I will be ready. I'm going to go dig out the armour. My brain complains because the armour will be cumbersome and foreign. But I am ready to obey. Trust and obey (there is no other way!) 

 Glynis is trying her best to trust and obey these days. She is busy with many projects including marketing her latest children's book - Galloping Gus. Happily she is preparing a colouring/activity book to accompany the popular picture book. Then there are the other thousand writing projects she is working on.  Check out her website to find out what's happening. If you want to just say 'howdy' she would love to hear from you. 


N. J. Lindquist said...

If trials make us stronger, you must be getting close to Superman in strength.

But do remember to take time for yourself, to grieve and to rest.


Fern said...

I agree with N.J. I'm sorry you have so much to go through. Someone said, "The deeper the valley, the closer you have to stay to the Shepherd." The path may seem narrow now, but He is close by.

Peter Black said...

Glynis, thank you for sharing from your heart - even during this time of grief and loss - your testimony to the ministry of the Good and Great Shepherd.

Prayer continues to be offered for you and your family and your sister's family. May you receive comfort, strength and guidance, day by day. ~~+~~

Bobbi Junior said...

Sometimes there simply aren't any words, even from a writer. Know you and all your family are in my prayers, my friend. I can relate to so much of what you're sharing. May this season draw you ever closer to the one who is our source of all peace.


Ann Brent said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, Glynis. My prayers are with you. This is a powerful message that I will share. Hugs to you.

Carolyn R. Wilker said...

My message may be late, but take time for yourself too. Grieving and coming to terms with events takes time.


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