Monday, January 12, 2015

On my Toes by Ruth Smith Meyer

Anticipation—a new year—standing on the tip of your toes, leaning forward to peer into the future to see what will happen—does that sound like how you feel at the beginning of 2015?

Thanks to my wonderful children, that describes some of the emotions I have experienced in the past two months. When Birthday #75 rolled around in November, they surprised me by having most of both parts of our blended family come to our church service one morning then provided a nice meal that we could eat together.  With a whole afternoon of relaxed visiting, it warmed my heart that they knew so well what was important to me.  However, they informed me that such a milestone was too big to celebrate in one day.  They told me that once a month for the whole next year, they were going to do something special for or with me. 

My family has already been very supportive of the writing and publishing of my autobiography, Out of the Ordinary. They have given me assistance and promised encouragement to promote it when it comes out in March.  But they said their planning goes beyond that.

How nice!  I thought I’d just sit back, relax and let it all happen as it came.  The first surprise was in December when several of the family took Paul and I to a presentation of the Messiah by London Pro Musica and Orchestra London.  St. Paul’s is a wonderful place even though not quite as elegant as Massey Hall where we used to go to hear that wonderful oratory each year when we lived closer.  However the Messiah was beautifully presented and the words and music, as always, transported my soul to the very gates of heaven.  For days, my spirit was lifted and thrilled and I guess it was then I started to lean forward wondering, if my children started out with that, what was coming next?

They’ve told me that they talked over and brainstormed to think what might be on my bucket list. What, I wondered, might they think would be on my list of things I’d still like to accomplish?  Would their ideas be the same as mine?  Or would they miss the mark and I’d have to try to look pleased?

Just today I learned about January’s gift.  When the children were small, we sang a lot and I shared with them the dream that maybe, someday, we could be the Smith Family Singers.  The idea seemed to be attractive only to me. 

Guess what they told me today?  I am to pick out five favourite songs, for they have arranged for an accompanist and for us to get together and be recorded singing those songs!  I will then be given a CD so I can continue enjoying the sound of our voices in harmony.

I think they’re on the right track and I feel sure that I won’t have to fake my reactions!  What a delight to know that they know me so well and are putting so much effort into pleasing me. I know it stems from their love and I feel so blessed.

That’s why I’m on my toes, leaning forward into the year with anticipation!  You can be sure I probably will write about it too!

 Ruth Smith Meyer is a busy mother, grandmother and now great-grandmother who loves all the people she meets.  She is the author of two adult novels, a children's book and has been included in five different anthologies.  Her lastest work, an autobiography, Out of the Ordinary is to be published in March. Come visit her at to find out more about her and her books.


Glynis said...

I am thinking that you should get off your toes, Ruth, and sit back and enjoy the ride. What an incredible, beautiful gift. How blessed you are with such a thoughtful family. Doesn't that just tell us all something about the best gifts and how much that includes the heart of family? Wonderful post. I feel happy reading it. And there is no way in the world I would peg you at 75! (I know I told you that before, but I mean it!) Stay young at heart. It becomes you! x

Tracy Krauss said...

Sounds like you have lots to look forward to!

David Kitz said...

Wow, Ruth! You have so much to give thanks for.

Peter Black said...

Heh! Heh! Ruth. I agree. I knew you were my senior, but not by anything like that much! :)
A thankful, cheerful and loving heart really is good medicine! Hmm, after reading of your family's loving gifts I feel better myself, already! ~~+~~

Amanda said...

Thanks for the reminder to be on our toes! xx

fudge4ever said...

What a thoughtful, creative family you have. Definitely worth writing about!
Pam Mytroen

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