Thursday, January 29, 2015


How do we spend these dull winter days in creative ways? I have reason to leave my Christmas tree up longer than most people. In January it creates reflection, not only in its privileged position, but depending where I stand in the living room, I can see small white lights in two large windows. As well, the stained glass pieces that hang in the windows constantly change according to the sun, moon or whatever light is on in the house.

Even on the dullest days in winter, our sunroom is a happy 
environment because of the wood stove. A beautiful garland, a gift from a creative friend many years ago, reflects itself along the ceiling. Petite childhood wooden toys, golden grapes, and colourful ribbon create a bed for miniature lights to peek through the imitation evergreen branches.

Winter is also a good time to polish all the glass in one’s home, not to get rid of the dust (although that helps), but to shine, and reflect what light is around it. The hospital thrift shop often has glass to boost reflections at a very low cost.

Even as I sit in the sunroom on a dull winter’s day, I look at a picture given to us thirty years ago by a young man in his twenties who came to visit us for a few days and stayed a few months. And I see a reflection of the garland’s lights shining brightly in the picture’s glass.

I liken all of the above to a recent stained glass piece I completed. One picture frame, in different settings, takes on a different colour depending on what other lights are present.

Think of people left alone, who might become depressed, despondent and withdrawn. Yet, in the midst of energy, love and encouragement, they begin to reflect their surroundings. And sometimes, even enough to be a light to others.

Perhaps, as Christians, the greatest gift we can give a hurting world is to reflect Christ’s light and love to others in darkened areas. I am the light of the world is Jesus' second “I am” declaration. The sharper the Light in our life, the brighter it will reflect to others.  It’s a little like preaching a sermon without using words.


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Glynis said...

Beautiful, Donna. I almost want to go take out my Christmas tree and bring mirrors! I had no idea you did stained glass. I love it. So lovely. Your sunroom looks lovely. Warm and inviting - just like your heart!

Peter Black said...

Thanks Donna. You've stirred a sense of bright cheerfulness, through this post. I love the rich, warm colours in your featured stained glasswork - gorgeous! And the life-application is so true.~~+~~

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