Monday, October 27, 2014

Top Up Your Tank - Tracy Krauss

Amidst the rush of edits, rewrites, blogging and promotional activities, today’s writer can sometimes get so caught up in the 'business' of writing that they neglect the real heart of the matter – writing for pleasure. I often find that my time is so full with the aforementioned tasks, that I miss the thing that brought me to this juncture in the first place. This is why authors must set aside time for writing that has no other outward purpose than to inspire. Deadlines aside, we must continually connect with that inner muse; otherwise our efforts may come across as mechanical and uninspired. 

I liken it to running on an empty tank. Sure, you could probably get out and push your vehicle to the next gas station, but a lot of unnecessary time and effort are expended while doing so. How much easier and smarter to keep that gas tank topped up! When you feel inspired, the journey is effortless, the scenery inspiring, and the final goal a reward. 

How can an author keep that proverbial gas tank full? One way is to allow yourself the luxury of writing. Period. This might seem like a no-brainer, but believe me, it can be tougher than it sounds. The internet is calling, that manuscript needs editing – there is always something (albeit worthy and necessary) that wants attention. I must make a purposeful effort to ignore my email inbox, turn off the internet, and set aside the WIP for another day.

For those with self-discipline, this can take place on any afternoon. For those that need a little more accountability, a writers' group might be the answer. I also look forward to nanowrimo each year - that crazy frenzied month long writing extravaganza that turns normal people into writing machines. (If you aren't familiar with 'nano', click the link. It is my favourite time of year and coming up in just four days!!!) 

However you manage to do it, allow yourself to reconnect with your passion on occasion. It will make your currant work come alive, and just might inspire something new.

Tracy Krauss lives and writes in British Columbia. Visit her website to see her many published novels and plays.


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Writing just for pleasure, yes, we must not forget that. Thanks for the reminder, Tracy! Great post.


northernpoet said...

Great advice! We forget why we decided to become writers in the first place--because we love to write! When I give myself permission to write for the joy of it I feel energized and renewed.

Peter Black said...

Tracy, you are right on. Ours is a culture saturated with distractions that assault our senses constantly. Your points speak to my weakness for succumbing to them.
Thanks for this reminder of the need to write for the pleasure and luxury of writing -- and not to forget your point about inspiration. Yep, dealing with distraction is necessary in order to ensure that writers write (and write their best). ~~+~~

Bobbi Junior said...

I'm tackling the November project as well. Mine is a non-fiction, but of course there's a link for us too!

I will take your comments to heart, Tracy, and turn off my internet when I dive in! Thanks for the reminder.

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