Saturday, September 27, 2014

What Writing Adrenaline Feels Like - Tracy Krauss

Adrenaline is not often associated with writing. Adrenaline kicks in simultaneously with fear, or starts pumping while engaged in a sport. It usually accompanies excitement, and let's face it, writing is a sedentary, and often solitary, activity.

Not so, dear friends! As I write this post it is almost 11pm and I am sitting alone in my hotel room. Yes, that would fall under the category of 'solitary' and technically I am sitting down... However, I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I am wired!

Why? The first day of Inscribe's annual conference just ended. Phil Callaway had us in stitches, Deb Elkink had us digging deep into the relationship between theology and our writing, and Bobbi Junior actually made us write in her workshop on 'Writing Groups'. I'm sure the workshops by Glynis Belec and Sheila Webster were just as engaging. (And it was super cool to meet Glynis in person!)

Then there is the personal connections. I am amazed at how excited I am to see familiar faces; to chat with another writer who 'gets' the compulsion to string words together; to encourage and be encouraged... This is the kind of adrenaline rush that could lead to inspiration.

I highly recommend such a hiatus from 'real life' to any and all authors, aspiring or seasoned. From time to time we need to step out of our comfortable cocoons and connect with one another on a face-to-face level. It is neither sedentary nor solitary. It is energizing...

... which is part of my current problem. I wonder how energized I'll feel in the morning? I guess I'll just have to rely on a good dose of adrenaline to get me through the day.

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published author who lives and writes from Tumbler Ridge, BC. She may currently be sleeping.


Donna Mann said...

Great blog. I felt that I was right there when I read through your lines. Sounds like a perfect place to settle in and let your creative juices flow. Bring it on.

Peter Black said...

I smile. Tracy, Perhaps few of us, who engage in creative writing of one kind or another, will not have experienced an adrenaline rush. I know I have. Fire in the bones or belly finds its way onto the page, it seems.

I'm happy for you and your fellow Inscribe conferees. I'm sure you all enjoyed a beneficial blast! :) ~~+~~

Eleanor Shepherd said...

I know what you are talking about Tracy. I love it when an idea grabs you and as you wrestle with it, the adrenaline flows through you. Your fingers can hardly keep up with the thoughts that come tumbling out. There is nothing quite like it and it is a joy to know that others can appreciate the same feeling. I always appreciate your blogs.

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