Monday, September 08, 2014

Does the evidence point to mankind's fully natural origin? - Denyse O'Leary

Here s the intro/link to the last instalment in my series on the question, Does the evidence point to mankind's fully natural origin?

Science-Fictions-square.gif What questions about evolution come down to is, "Who ARE we?" 
Commenting on a dispute over a supposed human ancestor, Smithsonian paleoanthropologist Richard Potts told the Wall Street Journal, "Evolution is wonderfully messy." Few would dispute it, but a multitude of conflicting speculations does not add up to progress.
Maybe that is too challenging a way to put the question. How about, it comes down to what we can responsibly believe. More to the point, who are we?
One thing's for sure: There is no reason, based on any of the above, to abandon a typical traditional religious or philosophical teaching on the origin, let alone the honor and dignity, of human beings. If anything, the sheer vacuity of claims made on behalf of "modern science" (not, in this case, to be confused with actual science) suggests the opposite. More.
Intro/links to the previous instalments are here.

Science-Fictions-square.gif Note: The Science Fictions – cosmology series  is here.  The Science Fictions – origin of life series  is here.


Ed Hird+ said...

Very interesting, Denyse. The Darwinian viewpoint is so entrenched in our culture that most people have not even kept up with the latest speculations about human origins.

Ed Hird+ said...
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Glynis said...

Thinking I might agree with Richard Potts' assessment - however I might leave out the 'wonderfully' part. As in Evolution is [] messy. . .creation is systematically perfect. Well done, again, Denyse. Thank you.

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