Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Denyse O’Leary’s new media desk

In traditional media, fact doesn’t matter any more, only social virtue Legacy media is now largely popular fiction

Smartphone? Should we call it the dumbphone instead? Maybe, if we go by some recent studies.

Is there still religious freedom at universities? Not if you go by this story.

Should we or someone we love go into debt for university? Let’s look at some decision factors.

Who is Edward Snowden and why should we care about him? Governments monitor the Internet to look good, not for our good

Net neutrality, what’s next? And Uber Taxi, what about that insurance issue? Government may end up ruling Internet safety but not taxis

Net neutrality: The basics—what does it really mean? Is the Internet really just like a telephone service?

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Peter Black said...

Thanks Denyse for informing us and sounding the alarms you have provided in this post. One could wish that every politician and lawmaker in the land could see the issues as clearly. ~~+~~

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