Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My 2015 Writing Menu - Tracy Krauss

The month of January is almost over and so far I haven't even begun to tackle my list of writing projects. The truth is, last year was such a productive year for me that I'm still trying to catch my breath. Two devotional books, a collaborative Science Fiction series, my novel NEIGHBORS that came out in nine different instalments over the course of the year, LONE WOLF - the sequel to my novel WIND OVER MARSHDALE, and an illustrated children's book... and my head is still spinning.

One thing that I have been doing is trying to capitalize on some of the promotional opportunities that I just didn't have time for in 2014. I had so many new releases coming down the pipes that I sometimes didn't know what was releasing when. And that's not a good thing. Lesson learned. Hopefully I will do better this year.

If and when I get back to writing rather than just playing promotional catch up, I plan on writing a sequel to NEIGHBORS as well as polishing up my nanowrimo project called WHISPERING WINDS. It will be a third novel in my WIND OVER MARSHDALE series.

That's what's cooking in my writing kitchen. What's on your menu for 2015?

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published author, artist and playwright. Visit her website for more. http://tracykrauss.com 


Glynis said...

As writers, Tracy, do we ever catch up? You sure have been busy. Good for you. Marketing is always the challenge, isn't it? Thanks for making me feel better. I was 'not feeling too good' about the beginning of my writing year, either. Your work is an inspiration. We all have full plates but we journey on in the strength of the Lord, trying to fathom His direction. You go girl.

Peter Black said...

Kudos and congratulations, Tracy. I recall you mentioning your extremely productive 2014, a while back. I'm still wowed.
I'll hazard a thought: A slower start to 2015 in writing might not be a bad thing, since some regeneration and mulling of the creative juices may result in even richer, more satisfying work than ever before. ~~+~~

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