Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Start with Words

           I don't know about you, but for me words have power. An unspoken word or thought nestled away in my mind has one level of power. When that word or thought is spoken, its power is amplified. When the word is spoken and then written, it is amplified yet again. It has more weight. In a court of law, written words carry great weight. The whole field of contractual law rests on this principle.
        As a writer you are working with weighty words—words that have the power to transport and transform the reader. Choose your words carefully. They have the power to take your reader to a destination. This is true of both fiction and nonfiction writing. We have all been transported by the written word. It's what makes reading so enjoyable.
         Over the Christmas holidays for the second consecutive year my family took up the challenge of solving the Globe and Mail's 1000 word crossword puzzle. None of us do crosswords during the year, but Globe and Mail's 1000 word Christmas crossword lands in our home like a bombshell. It's too big to be ignored. So with all the collective urgency we can muster, the Kitz family tackles this monster. Each family member brings different skills and areas of expertise to the table, so what would be impossible for an individual becomes doable for the family.

          The same principle applies to any group endeavor, and trust me in this, writing and marketing a book is a group endeavor. At our family gathering on New Year's Day we had only ten words left in that 1000 word puzzle. My midafternoon we declared victory. Hallelujah!  We slew that monster.

              Great things are possible for you in the year ahead. Just like a crossword it all starts with words—choosing the right words.
             When we bring our words before God in prayer, that's when words become alive. God spoke our world into existence. When He breathes life into your words—your prayer words—look out. Great things become a living reality.
             It starts with words. Creation itself started with words. You were created in God's image, so just like your Maker start the year with words.

David Kitz is an award-winning author of several books who lives in Ottawa, ON. Information on his book and drama ministry can be found at


Peter Black said...

Congratulations David! One thousand-word puzzle - that was quite the feat!
That's so true about the increasing power of words in their various expressions, from thoughts to speech and writing, etc. I'm reminded that when Jesus responded to Satan's temptations, He used words and declared them: "It is written . . ."
Thank you. ~~+~~

David Kitz said...

You are right, Peter. The written word has more latent power in it.

Glynis said...

Well said, David. And well done, Kitz family. That 1000 word puzzle is quite an accomplishment. I think the best line in your post was when you said: Choose your words carefully! How very true - whether spoken or written! Good advice.

Bobbi Junior said...

I love your family's Togetherness Activity. What a focussed way to interact and bond. Healthy, too.

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