Monday, December 03, 2007

The bookstore - Aarsen

I did a book signing the other day at our local bookstore. I was blessed with visitors and people who wanted to sit and chat. The bookstore owner was giving out free samples of tea which made the sitting and chatting all the more pleasant. The table I sat at held a copious amount of books - and chocolate. At any other bookstore in any other place, that would have made me feel immediately nervous. But this was my town and these were my people and this was my bookstore owner. She's a gem and my biggest cheerleader. Thanks to her I sell more copies of my books locally than anywhere else. I think of her when I'm writing my books. I want to give her a quality product that she can promote to my local and regularly growing readership. Bookstore owners like her are jewels and should be protected and supported. Big stores have their place and I like stopping in to see what's on the shelves, but there are many times I'm overwhelmed by the variety and the sheer volume. Our local bookstore is a haven of comfort and joy. And what's not to like about free tea?

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