Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008 - Grove

A friend tells the story of a beloved, but addled Uncle who took a bus trip to another country. The bus was overtaken by bandits, and everyone on board was robbed. Back home, he told his horrified family the details of his ordeal. He said the lead bandit kicked the door open, leaped onto the bus and hollered, “Anybody don’t move!”

It’s an in-joke now among her family and friends. Whenever someone drops a dish or loses a contact lens they holler “Anybody don’t move!”

But as 2008 dawns, I’m tempted to jump off my chair, wave my arms in “safe-at-home plate” gesture and holler to the heavens “Anybody don’t move!”

You see, 2007 was a lovely year for me and my family. We found “home” (although we were all a bit surprised it was in Saskatchewan), found our church (okay, hubby is the pastor, but we spend years searching for the place God wanted us to settle into), and I found my calling. My children are healthy, happy, and involved in school and with friends. We like our neighbors. We have new friends. We’re happy. See what I mean? If I’ve ever had an “Anybody don’t move!” moment, it’s now.

But time is a continuum. 2008 has arrived, but before I shout out orders to the heavens, I think I’ll take some time to look at the One who brought about all these happy things. The fact is, regardless of what sort of year we’ve had, God is God. He’s worthy of praise. In all times. In all cases. In all things.

And when I look at the joy He has brought to my family in the past year, it pales in comparison beside the knowledge that He loves us, has saved us, and is with us.

I can see Him now, smiling at me in that knowing way. You see, if I tell Him “Anybody don’t move!” He will simply grin at me and say, “I never change. I cannot be moved. So you don’t need to worry.”


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Carolyn Arends said...

I love this blog! Any time something is good -- even when a hair cut works out or I get a great new pair of boots -- I start to feel a twinge of sadness knowing it won't last forever. (From now on at moments like those I'll be whispering "Anybody don't move!") Thanks for the reminder that the God who never changes is in charge of our seasons ... and He can be trusted.

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