Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Christmas Thoughts - Hall

Since I won’t be writing in this blog again until the New Year, I’ve decided to share some of my Christmas thoughts and wishes with you.

Every once in a while you live through a year where so much is packed inside of it that you wonder if the calendar will contain it all. And usually the lessons of such a year are long and difficult.

This past year was one such year for me. But as I reflect back, I can see that I have learned things. I’ve seen stronger relationships with family members; my sister and my mother, my husband. I see growing friendships in my small group and among friends. Also, I find myself in a deepening relationship with God.

I find myself on a quest for an understanding of ‘First things.’

C.S. Lewis writes about First Things and Second Things and is quoted by Larry Crabb in Soultalk, a book my small group is working through. First things have to do with our relationship with God. Second things are everything else; family, career, success, health, and even our ministries, the good things we do.

Rev. Tim Keller is another one who talks on these themes, only he calls them Good Things and Ultimate Things. In his sermons he often asks the questions, “What gets you up in the morning? What do you want more than anything? Those are your Ultimate Things.”

My answer usually had something to do with career and publishing success. And of course to see my family successful and happy is way up there, along with health and friends. Yet, this past year so many of the important, good, and ‘second’ things in my life seemed to be yanked out from under me. And all I had left was God.

This Christmas, as we celebrate the coming of a First Thing, I want to share a verse that has been meaningful to me. It’s Psalm 27:4 - ONE THING I ask of the LORD, 
this is what I seek: 
that I may dwell in the house of the LORD 
all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD 
and to seek him in his temple.

David knew the difference Ultimate Things and Good Things, and he desired the Ultimate Thing.

Have a wonderful Christmas, all!

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Eric E. Wright said...

Thanks Linda for a timely reminder. Sends me back to Matt. 6:33 again. Eric Wright

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