Sunday, July 17, 2011

To God Be The Glory - Amen! (TGBTGA) by Glynis M. Belec

Wednesday will be the fourth anniversary of my mother's crossing over to that better place. She died a glorious, pain free death surrounded by her family - just the way she wanted it. Today I was thinking about her and I was looking through my Bible. To my surprise I came across this lovely poem that Mom had in her possession.  Mom loved poetry and could recite everything from memory from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha to The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. I am pretty sure that Mom learned this untitled poem when she was in the service during the war. According to the story, it was found in the pocket of a dead soldier:

They say you will not come again
But I can always hear
Your voice in silence and in song
And feel you ever near
They say that you have passed beyond
Unto the land supreme
But I can always call you back
Into the land of dream
For death is but a gateway
To the Great Reality
A new beginning not an end
Of human destiny
Love is all and life goes on
In spite of grief and pain
But deep within my heart
I know that we shall meet again.

We thought that Mom had taken that poem with her to the grave but Dad found it in a drawer shortly after her death. We were pretty happy to find it because it was a special poem to her. She would often recite it to friends who had lost a loved one. Mom did not know Jesus until two days before she died. Now, as a bit of a tribute to that wonderful reason to celebrate I want to add the following:

But now that you are in the land
Called Great Reality
And seeing Jesus face to face
For all eternity
I know that you are free from pain
And resting from your race
One day I will see you there
And rejoice at God's good grace!

TGBTGA...Miss you mom! xx


Peter Black said...

Glynis, thank you for including us in your reminiscence of your mom at this time. What a lovely tribute your poetic postscript is to her and to the grace of our Heavenly Father!

Miss Bible said...

Yeah, there are definately some things that you can't throw away, that belonged to loved ones that have since passed.

I got alot of things from my dad after he passed, even his bible. I have my own bible, but I just couldn't give away his. Even though I don't use it, every now and then I will look through, and at his writings that he wrote on the sides of it.

Some things are just too personal and meaningful to throw away.

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