Friday, July 22, 2011

Marketing Prayer — Lawrence

The marketing process is perhaps more difficult to go through than the writing of the book. There is a lot of advice about marketing on the internet today so it should be a cinch to get one’s book out there and onto the shelves of the many users of the net. However, because there is so much information if I was to follow it all I think my brain would either explode from over- excitement or permanently go to sleep from exhaustion.

I would like to follow much of the information that I have read but I know that I cannot follow every good suggestion for lack of time, energy, or desire. After reading a lot of good suggestions I have prayed for God’s leading and chosen those that I feel are suitable for my situation.

It is important, I think, to do things that are a little different from the crowd, something that is within one’s budget, and something that arises out of one’s prayer to God.

As my latest book came close to being published, I wanted to have a Book Trailer. I looked into having it done professionally and found it to be way more expensive than I could handle. Many writers, especially seniors, have this problem. I am quite artistically inclined so, instead of searching for someone to do it for me I searched for a program that would provide me with the means to do one for myself.

I found a program called Smilebox, a program that had many uses as well as being very reasonably priced. For a year’s membership, which included a free month’s trial, it cost $39.00, and I could use it as much or as little as I wished without any extra charge.

Everyone said that Social media was the way to go to market one’s work. I did give it a try for a while but I found it was not for me. I found it took up a lot of my time and gave me very little reward. Besides, everybody was doing it. I wanted to find God’s special place for me and follow that. I composed a prayer to say daily and, by keeping my ears and eyes open to God’s leading, I have found some special marketing things just for me.

At the time of the publishing of my second spiritual book, Glorious Autumn Days: Meditations for the Wisdom Years, I began a website,  Now, with the launch of my new book I revamped my website giving it a new look for the new publication, Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey. I have focused the home page on my latest book, added an internet Press Kit in PDF format so that anyone who needed information about me could download any or all of it without a lot of extra work for them.

Last but not least, I composed my prayer for marketing and am diligent in praying it daily and listening to God’s answers to my prayer. If you do nothing else in the marketing arena, I would advise you to do this—to pray and be open to God’s guidance.

Here is the prayer that I wrote and pray daily. You’re welcome to use this as a basis for your own prayer. May God bless each one of us in our writing and marketing efforts.

Marketing Prayer:       Heavenly Father, you have chosen special marketing spots for my newest spiritual book, Highway of Holiness: SoulJourney. Open my eyes that I may clearly see them; cleanse me from fear that I may boldly claim them; assist me to be generous that I may put this book into people’s hands so that they may follow their own soul journey and find their unique relationship with you. This I ask in the name of Jesus, your Son, our Lord, Amen.

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Peter Black said...

Judith, thank you for generously sharing your marketing approach, experience, and the solution arrived at, and especially for your marketing prayer.
Very interesting and helpful.

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