Friday, July 01, 2011

Riding the Wave - Meyer

I don’t surf but I do have a great imagination! My heart soars as I watch people ride the crest of the wave and then glide safely into shore.

The writing life is not always like that – but sometimes it is!

I recently won the best romance novel award at the Canadian Christian Writing Awards on June 15th in Toronto, Ontario for my book, Jasmine.

There have been other encouraging things happening lately, too. I had a very large order of books to the Northwest Territories to use in schools there; an organization in Ontario placed an order for books they intend to use as required reading for their staff; and I’ve had some wonderful comments lately from reviewers and readers.

These are moments when I ride the wave. I have, for most of my life, been quite shy and reserved, and I spend my days writing books that feature difficult topics. I sometimes forget that Jesus said that He had come to the world so that we might have “abundant life.” In the book of Psalms, chapter 98, verse 4, it says, “Sing for joy to the Lord, all the earth; praise him with songs and shouts of joy!” I sometimes forget that it’s okay to be “jumping up and down” happy.
I wrote a poem a while ago (I think it was back in 2005 maybe around the time that I won my first book award for Colin’s Choice).

A Victor’s Song

I have felt recently
That success is near
Just around the corner, just a breath away

I should be happy
Seeing the mountaintop in view
The reward of a long and difficult climb

But instead of elation, I know fear
Instead of joy, I feel a dragging hesitation
Making me want to turn and run back to where I began

Success, that illusive foe
Repels me with its unknown qualities
Failure, like a worn-out coat, wraps around me like a shroud

Inches from the goal, I turn back
Afraid that someone such as I
Could never, should never, win so grand a prize

But through the mists
Comes a Voice I know so well
Dear child, don’t you know, you’re already a hero to Me

You’ve nothing to prove
It won’t matter if you win or lose
My love for you is the same. It will never, ever change.

Run into success!
Don’t be afraid of failure
Rest in My love, child… You’re already a hero to Me.

Still today, I need to remind myself to “run into success” and to run into joy. There’s another Bible verse that I love. In Luke 12:32, it says, “Fear not little flock; for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” The kingdom is all the good things he has for us: peace, love, joy, hope, abundant life… So much to be “jumping up and down” happy about! So much to shout for joy about!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer so far.
May the Lord bless you with His extravagant love and His exuberant joy!

Dorene Meyer

Author of Lewis, Jasmine, The Little Ones and Deep Waters
Now in book stores across Canada
Distributed by Word Alive Press
Available online and as ebook on Amazon (key in title of book and publisher: Word Alive Press).
Coming soon – Joshua will be launched October 21 at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, MB.

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Peter Black said...

A delightful post, Dorene.
Congratulations! And we get to share your joy!

Enjoy today's cresting wave;
It will break on the shore,
But there will be other ones
Rolling in ... for sure! :)

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