Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Annual Ottawa Conference: Called to Write in Challenging Times, April 7, 2018, highlights Karen Stiller, John Weston

Annual Ottawa Conference: Called to Write in Challenging Times Saturday, April 7th, 2018

(A limited number of scholarships is available, thanks to a generous donor. First come, first served.)

from 8:15 am to 4:15 pm 6 workshops and 2 special guest speakers. Includes catered lunch. Cost $50

Cardus Ottawa, 45 Rideau St, 7th floor, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5W8 (corner of Rideau St and Sussex Drive; between Chapters and CIBC Branch) For full details and to register click here

 Plenary Speaker 1 - Lessons I Learned in Writing and Faith with Karen Stiller. Karen is a senior editor of Faith Today magazine and a freelance writer and author. She is editor of a series of essays about The Lord’s Prayer, an editor of Evangelicals Around the World: a Global Handbook for the 21st Century, and coauthor of Shifting Stats and Going Missional. Karen Stiller’s books include: The Lord’s Prayer (2017), Shifting Stats Skating the Church (2015) and Going Missional (2010).

Plenary Speaker 2 - Lessons I Learned in Writing and Politics with John Weston. John is a lawyer focusing on Government Relations and Indigenous Affairs; author of the book On! Achieving Excellence In Leadership; and a professional speaker. John has been helping shape Canada’s future for several decades. He cut his teeth on public affairs at age 21 while working on the patriation of Canada’s Constitution under British Columbia’s Deputy Minister Responsible for Constitutional Affairs, and later for the Government of Quebec. From 2008 to 2015, he served as a Canadian Member of Parliament. launching a national program on health and fitness, and winning unanimous approval for two private member’s bills. He is also a founder of the Canadian Constitution Foundation and the National Health and Fitness Foundation, whose mission is to “Make Canada the Fittest Nation on Earth”.



David Kitz said...

Thanks for posting about this excellent opportunity, Denyse.

Peter Black said...

Thanks Denyse. This should be a marvellous opportunity for learning and growth, and also for fellowship with other writers and presenters. Even though I can't be present, I congratulate your Ottawa group for your work and wish you eminent success and benefit from this conference. ~~+~~

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