Thursday, April 28, 2016

Expectation by Tracy Krauss

I am approaching a milestone that some of you may not be able to relate to. This summer marks the eighth year since moving to our current home in northern BC. If I don’t up and move between now and then, it will be the longest I have lived anywhere since I left the nest way back in 1980. I won’t lie. I’m feeling a wee bit antsy. Restless even, like I need to find a reason to move – QUICK!

In thirty-three and a half years of marriage my husband and I have moved between 15 and 20 times depending on how you slice and dice it.  (We moved back to a couple of communities more than once.) We’ve lived in five provinces and territories including BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the NWT and the Yukon. We’ve watched the northern lights, basked in the midnight sun, survived stampeding bison, and experienced more than one close encounter with polar bears. Add to that another ten plus moves before I ever got married and you might be able to understand where I’m coming from.  

Don’t get me wrong. Tumbler Ridge, our current hat hook, has been good to us. I have a stable job teaching all the things I love like Art, Drama and English. I signed my first publishing contract after moving to TR and I’ve had a pretty good run since. All four of my children (not to mention the two grandbabies) live within a two-hour radius. Compared to some of the other remote locations where I’ve lived, that’s pretty good. To top it off, this is a really beautiful part of the country. Waterfalls, mountains, hiking trails, relatively mild winters… I really can’t complain. In fact I’m not.

bag already packed?

Somewhere deep in my gut I feel a stirring.  The call of a new adventure won’t be silenced. Is it the fact that so many other people have made an exit after the economic downturn in the region? It seems like everyone else is moving so maybe I’m just feeling left behind. My husband is one of those who lost his job more than a year ago. We had already started pastoring our church on an interim basis because the church could no longer afford to pay the pastor. Once my husband got laid off he was able to focus even more time and energy on the church. That was twenty-one months ago and it is now coming to an end as a new, full time pastor is scheduled to arrive June 1. The question is, now what? He’s been looking for work the entire time, but God obviously needed us to be focused on this transitional period in the church. We now wonder what doors He will open once we are released from that responsibility.

I honestly don’t know what the future holds but there is a sense of expectation. Perhaps this post will have an addendum in the coming months.

Tracy Krauss writes stage plays, novels and other fluff while trying to adjust to the notion of putting down roots - not an easy task for a compulsive wanderer. Visit her website for more: "Fiction on the edge without crossing the line"



Glynis said...

Oh Tracy with the wandering heart. I thought we had moved a lot in our married life - but you just might have us beat. Expectation is good as long as it is backed up with a confirmation from God. Sounds like you are awaiting that - which is both exciting and nerve wracking. Praying that a wide open door happens soon. Blessings and thanks for sharing your great expectation!

Tracy Krauss said...

I will add the post script when the time comes... :)

D. Bentley said...

Praying for the next position for your husband to come soon!
I enjoyed your piece. (Where's the LIKE button?)

Peter Black said...

Wow! You've made more moves than my wife and I, Tracy, and we've made quite a few. It's a comforting experience to prepare for and make a move with anticipation and joy, believing that God has opened the door and led you through it in faith. And then it's also comforting to receive confirmation once you've gotten there - at least that's what I've found.
I pray the Holy Spirit's wisdom, guidance and provision for your husband and you, for whatever God has in store for your next stage of life and service. ~~+~~

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