Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Predictability of Change - Donna Mann

I recently overheard someone refer to the fall colours as 'God's bouquet of colour.' I couldn't agree more. 

This year has been a splendid colourful year especially for the Ontario reds. It has been like a pageant with the various trees changing frocks when the sun shone from different dimensions. 

The trees have gone through a process of fully submitting to reds, yellows, and oranges. Complete hardwood bushes changed before our eyes as if a master painter had taken a broad-brush stroke and spread multiple shades across its branch tips.
But, there is still another surprise. As bare trees stand tall across the horizon, splashes of deep green have begun to protrude across the landscape: single evergreens, here and there, perhaps not as conspicuous as they grew among the tall colourful trees, but now they gain a natural recognition. What a find!
The seasons teach us wonderful lessons of life. It is in the dying that the leaf takes on the vibrant colours of beauty. It is experiencing the bitter frigid frost that the soft summer greens surrenders to the luxurious artwork of the fall.

It is in letting go of one season that trees can totally enter into another. It is in the loss of one splendour that another beauty is discovered. Changes in the seasons bring about changes in the scenery. Transformation only happens as one life cycle lives out its purpose and is open to the next one.

In some ways, my life is like the leaf. Some area of it is constantly dying so that new life may happen in another area. Predictable changes bring about transformation. Unexpected circumstances create indelible marks on life. Expected flows of life create colourful results. Seasons of grief birth goodness of life. There is balance, there is beauty, there is hope that the world is unfolding as it should and there is a loving Creator at work in nature as well as human nature. (Revised from Seasons of The Soul, DJM)

(Today, I attempt to post on my roster date. Resting my broken right hand on the arm rest, I am aware that the change in my daily life is predictable as well. Action and consequence teach many good lessons.)



Peter Black said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely autumn pics and for painting beautiful mental images for the mind, Donna. And good insights in living, too. I trust your hand heals well and quick. ~~+~~

Donna Mann said...

Thanks Peter - the hand is coming along nicely. Patience is so important in the process.

Peter Black said...

That's good news, Donna. May the healing continue.~~+~~

Glynis said...

Breath taking descriptions of the colours, Donna. I agree about the beauty this fall. It sure was a longer season that I do so enjoy. I keep playing a little game with my English oak tree - she is such a modest girl, clinging tight to her now faded yellow frock. Each day I go out, I try to guess if a few more leaves have fallen. I love the way the oaks are last to give way to Old Man Winter!

I sure hope your hand is better soon - look at the dedication of getting your article out despite the awkwardness of such a task, I imaging.

Good job!

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