Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Curiosity - Tracy Krauss


a) the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.
b) a rare, or novel thing.

c) a strange or interesting quality

Writers are curious people by nature, I think, and I don't just mean inquisitive. I'm referring to the 'strange' part in the third definition.

Think about it. Who else but a 'curiosity' would willingly admit to the following?

1. I shut myself off from reality in order to create a different reality of my choosing.
2. I 'hear' voices in my head.
3. I carry on conversations with imaginary people.
4. After months or even years of pouring myself onto the page, i allow other people to pick it apart.
5. My hourly wage for labor would be in the fractions of a cent.
6. The odds of making enough money to actually live on are astronomical but I keep trying anyway.
7. Sometimes I feel tired and discouraged and stuck and sick-to-death-of-writing-so why-bother-because-I'm-no-good-anyway... but I keep going back to it like a dog with a bone.

The list just gets curiouser and curiouser... I could go on but I think I've made my point. All hail to the curious breed known as 'writer'. May you never give up your dream. (Because you really couldn't, even if you tried.) 

Tracy Krauss continues to 'live the dream' at her home in Northern British Columbia. Visit her blog for more about her curious writing habits, or see her website for her extensive list of published novels, plays, short stories and non-fiction. 


Peter Black said...

Fun, engaging - and insightful, Tracy! Thanks.
I like it: "All hail to the curious breed . . ." Quite an identity, eh. ~~+~~

David Kitz said...

A curious post indeed. Insightful and curious.

Glynis said...

Haha! Love this. Such validation for my 'curious' behaviour. Wish it was easy to explain to those who watch! Sigh. Well done, Tracy!

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