Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welsh Cakes

It is turning out to be an exciting summer for me. No, the weather hasn’t been that great and there’s been lots of rain but my summer is giving me lots of joy.

I have just finished self-publishing a book of short stories and am awaiting the finished product so that I can check it over and approve it if it is as it should be. These stories have been in my files for some time and I have long wanted to publish them in book form but I have let fear stand in my way and just haven’t done it.

Welsh Cakes: Book of Short Stories is on its way through the mail and as soon as it arrives I will look it over hoping it will be to my satisfaction. If it is, then I can give my approval and it will be available for the general public to purchase. I am glad that I’ve finally given birth to this new creation—it’s been on hold long enough.

In addition to publishing this book, I have also started a blog to talk about it. Its title is the same as the book and will give some background on the stories. There are three parts to this book and the title comes from Part One, which is a group of nine stories about a Welsh girl named Gwen.

Now that I’ve put aside fear and allowed the stories out of their hiding place, I hope that many people will take enjoyment in reading them.
© Judith Lawrence

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Peter Black said...

Kudos with congratulations to you Judith on your perseverence in seeing this project through!
You nudge me not to give up on moving forward, however so gradually, towards completing writing hopes and dreams.

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