Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weeds - Nesdoly

He soon discovers
that first morning
outside Eden
that Thorn and Thistle
are a meager beginning
in this new assignment.

Barberry, Briar, Burdock, Buttercup
Campion, Cockle Cress
lead to an unaccustomed
weariness -- Careless Weed, Stagger Wort
and lack of creativity --
Dog Mustard, Foxtail, Sheep Sorrel
Lamb's Quarters, Pigweed, Fat Hen
White Goosefoot, Snake Grass...

With no end in sight
to pain, annoyance
discomfort and vexation
loathing enters the taxonomy --
Stinking Willie, Quack Grass, Fleabane
and with Lady's Thumb and Sourgrass -- dissension
with Smartweed -- pride
Poverty Weed -- fear
False Flax, False Ragwort -- lying
Wild Barley, Wild Flax, Wild Oats -- lust
and finally with Poison Ivy and Poison Hemlock--

© 2007 by Violet Nesdoly

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