Friday, August 21, 2009

Watch For and Name the Treasure – MANN

What is a wild berry plant doing growing in a pocket of bark, six feet off the ground? The bird that frequents her house, locked in the V of the old tree behind this plant, probably thinks every bird has a gourmet menu at her front door.

I saw this remarkable set-up while gardening today. Birds often sing prior to a rain and I heard one as I hurried to replant some hostas. She was noisy and I glanced her way just in time to see her finish her berry-treat. I wonder if she realizes how special her little home is, with a front garden.

Sometimes as writers, we risk taking our circumstances for granted rather than looking for treasures within them. We might find a tempting, seasoned tidbit just right to finish a thought we’ve been struggling with for a day. Perhaps a particular incident or situation is ours to draw nourishment for a story or poem. Maybe an object that is very much a part of us can provide fodder for an illustration, plot or summary. We hear the term, “Write what you know.” We could add, “Use what is given to you to write.” On the other hand, maybe, “Watch for riches in your midst.”

I was particularly encouraged when I read a comment on Revision about getting back into the writing mode. Summer months can rob a writer from routine, yet even reading that statement gave me a jump-start to begin thinking of new beginnings for my writing habits. An email friend listed several things she had done since coming from Write! Canada. I used that as an initiative to get in step.

Look around and take note of what’s looking back at you. See it as a gift and ask yourself, “Now where does this fit in my plan for writing.” And, like the bird who enjoys her front garden of berries, we too can feast on what is there for us and let it strengthen our writing. Happy watching.

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Judith Lawrence said...

Thank you for your lovely story of the bird and its garden supply of berries. How true it is that all around us are fruits and stories to be taken into our writing lives as gifts. God is so good to us.

Aree said...

very good post, have a good weeked.

careann said...

I don't often comment on the blogs I read, but yours hit a nerve. My writing routine has been sporadic this summer and I've fretted about what I *wasn't* doing. How much smarter it would be to focus on the different opportunities and look for God's revelations in them. Thank you for the reminder!

Carol Garvin

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