Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Are You Passionate About? - Laura J. Davis

Opportunities abound for writers, but where do you thrive? Do you like to write short stories? Are you an expert at something that could benefit someone else? What are your interests? What do you read? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you start sending out samples of your writing to every agent/publisher in the country. It's always a good idea to write what you know and what you love.

For example, the very first story I ever wrote, while I was still singing, (for those of you who don't know my story, visit my website and click on About the Author for the details) was science fiction. At the time, I was heavily into Star Trek (still am, I can't help myself - deep down I'm a nerd, only now it's Dr. Who) and anything to do with end-times theories. When you put the two of those together you can get a great story. Unfortunately, when I put them together I got a convoluted mess. Why? Because I loved everything about Star Trek, but I didn't know an atom from a nanite. Descriptions and technical jargon were not my style. Science Fiction for me was not something I liked to read either. Tracking starships through space and describing in detail how a transporter worked was too tedious for me and I quickly got bored. If I was bored, my readers would be too. So, I gave up writing stories and stuck to songwriting. It was a good decision. I soon had my songs recorded by not only myself, but other artists. They received TV and radio time and when I received my first royalty cheque I knew I was doing the right thing. So, I put away my stories, concentrated on my songs, something I loved to do.

Jump ahead years later to the present. Taking a page from my past I now write about those things that I am passionate about and I take joy in. Mainly, biblical fiction and bible studies. I have two fiction books in the works right now and about four different bible studies. I am not bored and I absolutely love researching history, archaeological finds and most of all my bible. So if I enjoy all that and can take what I find, put it into a good story or a bible study I am satisfied. Hopefully, my audience will be too.

How about you? Do you write what you are passionate about or what you think everyone wants to read? If it is the latter, are you enjoying yourself?


Peter Black said...

Thanks Laura.
As per your usual you've provided helpful insights and suggestions from your experience and growing storehouse of writing wisdom.
Your enthusiastic style
always raises a smile! :) ~~+~~

Tracy Krauss said...

Laura! I knew we were kindred spirits! I was a total Star Trek NERD as a kid. No posters of the latest TV or music star for me... my walls were plastered with Mr. Spock and pictures of the Enterprise! When my kids were young we all had a 'character' from the Next Generation series and sometimes we'd talk to one another 'in character'. God showed me at one point in my life that I had to give up my obsession - not because there was anything innately 'bad' in it, but because it had become an idol. I now enjoy watching the new movies (and of course I get EVERYTHING) but I'm no longer obsessed. Sci-fi is still my favorite genre, too, in both movies and books

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