Friday, January 11, 2013

Do You Make These Mistakes?

We do it all the time, either unintentionally through speedy fingers creating typos, or we simply don't know the correct spelling of a certain word. Whatever the problem, there are some words that are constantly misspelled. Here are a few and their correct spellings.
  • Weather - Use this when you are talking about rain, snow, tornadoes -  you know - weather!
  • Whether - Yes, it does have an 'h' after the 'w' and no it is not used when talking about the weather.
  • Witch - Use only when talking about Samantha Stephens or ugly old hags with powers.
  • Which - Use this when you are wondering which word to use.
  • Four - This is the number.
  • Fore - You yell this when you are on the golf course. I guess screaming, "Watch out!" takes too long.
  • For - What do you use this one for? Everything else!
  • Principle - It's the principle of the thing - you know that thing!
  • Principal - My Principal gave me a book to doodle in when I was a kid. I kid you not! He really did!
  • Two - The number.
  • Too - Use this when you have too many choices.
  • To - Use this when you don't have a choice. I'm kidding - you know when to use this.
  • Scent - Use this when referring to smells.
  • Sense - Use this when you are trying to make sense of something.
  • Cents - Use this when you go on a shopping spree.
  • One - This is the number.
  • Won - Use this when you tell someone they have won a copy of your book!
  • Hour - This is in reference to time.
  • Our - This is not.
  • Their - This is possessive. Use it when you want to show ownership. "Their house was beautiful."
  • There - The opposite of possessive. "Their house is over there." Or "There is no reason to continue this conversation."
  • They're - This is a contraction of "they" and "are".
This was a bit "tongue and cheek" but you get the idea. I hope it helps.

Until next time!


Peter Black said...

Thanks for these helpful hints, Laura.
While I'm familiar with the correct use and context of each example you give, I smile, for I've discovered that when working at the computer keyboard, I'm more likely to misspell these very ordinary words than when writing by hand (which I don't often do). Fairly frequently I've caught myself putting "their" for "there," and vice-versa.
The occasions in which I sent email or documents off without catching those typos first, or without ever realizing it later, are the most worrying, I'd say.
Recently I emailed one of our friends and failed to catch my misspelled greeting till later: "Hell Mary"! Hmm, now I wonder how often I've missed that "o" from hello, and didn't realize it at all!

Laura J. Davis said...

LOL! Too funny Peter!

Eleanor Shepherd said...

Thanks for this, Laura. I notice that these same errors seem to pop up so often when I am reading things on line. What annoys me is when my spell check decides that the wrong word is more appropriate than the one I have chosen. This has happened sometimes with 'there' and 'their.'

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