Friday, January 18, 2013

Best Novel I've Read This Year--den Boer

Michael D. O'Brien's The Father's Tale (Ignatius) is not only the best fiction I've read this year (which includes Robin Hood), it is the most satisfying novel I've read in a long time. The author describes his work as "A modern retelling of the parables of The Good Shepherd and The Prodigal Son." That's the essence.

The book is 1072 pages of adventure, drama, suspense, East versus West, family relationships, spiritual experiences, and love. Here's  the link (the trailer is worth a watch).

Absolutely loved this book written by a Canadian writer who is Christian.

Marian den Boer is the author of Blooming, this Pilgrim's Progress.


Peter Black said...

Wow! That's a strong endorsement, Marian! And it sounds well-deserved.
The information and trailer certainly indicate the stature of the work.
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and bringing "The Father's Tale" to my notice.


Marian said...

You are most welcome.

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