Monday, August 22, 2011

Fundamental – Lawrence

In the local summer Writer’s Group that I attend we each take turns in leading the group. This leadership role includes giving the topic to bring for the following meeting. These writings are taken home by each member and brought the next time with our comments and critiques to be shared with one another.
Our last topic was Fundamental and below are the offerings I presented under that banner.

My Belief Foundation

The fundamental basis of my belief system is that anything that happens to me cannot harm the essence of my being but only make me stronger.
Things happen to us in life over which we have no control. Sometimes they are things that seem good to us and sometimes they are things that seem bad.
In this day and age, with our lives so busy, we have to plan and keep track of our various activities otherwise we would be sure to miss some important meeting with a business associate or a friend.
We cannot control everything; sometimes outside forces come upon us and control our lives. Unexpected, forces of nature, forces of sickness, or forces of evil may come suddenly upon us and throw us off our well-planned path. What happens then to our carefully laid plans?
Having a fundamental belief that says nothing that comes upon me unexpectedly can harm me but only make me stronger, will save me from despair, help me pick myself up, and start again. This may not happen immediately but it will happen. I know this because I have been through such things before and know that all things will work out for good in the end.
Through disasters or failures we learn what is really important to us. What is left to us when we are stripped down to our foundation, when all we have built on that foundation has been torn away, then that is our fundamental ground, the truth of our being, and our core principle.
Success has very little to teach us in the spiritual life but failure and fiascos are great teachers. …We learn much more from our pain than from our pleasure. We learn much more from letting go than holding tight.[1]
            The older I get, the more often my building is torn down and I discover my foundation—the ground of my being once again. I hear the lowest note of my life’s chord and feel the vibration of the essence of my being, my soul, as it is meant to be.
© Judith Lawrence August 6th, 2011   345 Words

Building on a Good Foundation
We are born into this world
With a fundamental principle
Instilled within our being.
As we go through life
We build upon this basic principle
With materials available to us
And tools that are at hand.
If we neglect to build our house
Upon the foundation we are given
It will be covered over
And hidden from the world
By indigenous growing forces
Like moss or forest plants,
Which may look beautiful
But are not of our doing.
From time to time
We will remember
Our true foundation.
We’ll scrape it down,
Make it clean and clear,
Ready to build our lives
Into what we are meant to be.
We must build upon our own foundation
Not let others do the work.
For the building must show
Who we are and what we have learned
While living here on earth.
As we gain wisdom
And choose better materials,
Our building will become stronger,
Requiring a touch of renovation
Now and then as we learn new lessons
On our pilgrimage.
We are born with a good foundation;
Let us build a good work.
© Judith Lawrence     
August 11, 2011          35 lines

[1] Richard Rohr, Simplicity P.112

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Peter Black said...

Judith, you lay out a robust philosophy for your foundation, which has evidently stood you in good stead throughout life's trials -- and triumphs, of course. Great lessons in your poetic lines, too.
I was reminded of Gen. 1:26-27, about our being created in the image and likeness of God; and also of 2 Cor. 5:17, of our re-creation "in Christ," who is for us (as spiritual children of God through faith in Him)
our sure foundation.

Judith Lawrence said...

Thanks Peter, for your faithfulness in commenting on my blogs. Thanks for the reminder of the 2nd Corinthians quote of our sure foundation in Christ.

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