Monday, August 29, 2011

Courageous - Boge

The makers of FireProof and Facing the Giants are about to release their latest film. Courageous hits theatres September 30, 2011 and it’s aimed at encouraging the role of fathers. Based on the trailers and that more than 21 Christian organizations in Canada are supporting the movie, Courageous looks to be another winner from the team based out of Albany, Georgia.
It’s also a good indication of where films in general are going from the Christian community. There’s an increase in great Christian movies being made – ones that are realistic, genuine and God honouring. On a personal note, it’s a very exciting to see these developments. Our church runs a film festival and we’re just getting ready for our second year. Someone asked me last year if we would have enough films to fill a roster next year. While our festival does not target only Christian movies, it does have a number of expressly Christian films. And based on the quality of films that are coming out, we find that there is lots to choose from. If your church is interested in starting a festival in your city, check us out at and see if it might be something you’d like to spearhead in your town.
Courageous will give churches a platform to invite friends and neighbours to see a film that will challenge them in their faith. If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, you can check it out on their site. Maybe your church would be interested in showing the trailer on Sunday morning. And if your community doesn’t yet have a showing booked in your area, you might be inspired to bring it to your community.
For more information on Courageous please visit:


Tuneman said...

There is also a Canadian site

Peter Black said...

Thanks for bringing these films to our attention, Paul.
Keep us posted on the next Winnipeg Film Festival as the dates and details shape up, so that we also, who are far from the venue, can pray for its success.

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