Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Childless Mother - Ayotte

My husband and I recently returned from a brief trip to Swift Current to attend our granddaughter’s Confirmation. As you can see by the picture, Grandpa is the proud sponsor. He was very pleased with the unbelievable honor she bestowed upon him. I witnessed his pleasure first hand when our granddaughter called and personally asked him. We hadn’t visited with them since before Christmas and we saw a huge change. The girls have grown and matured and as usual we enjoyed our short visit.

On the way home, we always listen to the local radio station to get a bit of news about the surrounding area. The talk show on this particular morning was about an unfortunate car accident that took place on March 29, 2009 in a small town just outside of Swift Current.

The topic immediately grabbed our attention because two of the mothers that had lost their daughters were being interviewed about the tragic event. Three young girls, two sixteen years of age, as well as a fourteen year old were making a left turn when a car driven by a seventeen year old male tried to pass them on the left. He was driving 128k/hr when he hit them. All three of the girls died in this horrible car accident. The mothers, the families, and the friends of these girls have been beside themselves with grief ever since their loss.

The young man happened to be sentenced the week before, therefore, the talk show revolved around the punishment received and whether it was adequate enough. Although the judge gave him a sentence to suit his age when the accident occurred, even though he is now eighteen years old, some people who called in to express their opinion, did not think he received enough of a sentence.

My heart goes out to the mothers who lost their daughters in the prime of their lives and in such a tragic way. They were both quite big minded despite their unbelievable loss. However, comments were made by some callers that this young man had his whole life to live while the girls had so sadly lost theirs by his reckless actions. Some felt that he did not show enough remorse.

Later on in the talk show, I briefly heard the comment that the young man was having difficulty coping since the accident. My heart goes out to him and his mother as well. Unless this man has no conscience at all, I cannot phantom that he has been unaffected by having had a hand in the death of these three young women.

I would have to think that he will somehow or other be scarred for life. He lives in a small town where he would have little or no anonymity. He will live with the reality of his careless actions for the rest of his life. He will probably marry one day and have children of his own. He may very well learn to pray and appreciate the quality of life when he faces his actions as a more mature individual.

Yes, those young girls, their families and their friends got robbed, but I personally do not envy the life that this young man now has to live. Anyone who thinks it is going to be easy is only fooling him/herself. I also feel for this young man, his family and his friends. I’m sure his mother’s heart is aching too because there is much more to face in her son’s life and he will need the support of them all. They have all lost so much and their lives are forever changed. Three mothers lost their daughters on March 29, 2009 and one mother lost the innocence that her young son can no longer enjoy. All four mothers lost children that fateful day. Only now, one has to live with his actions for the rest of his life. Not a fun way to grow up.

Author of “I’m Not Perfect And It’s Okay”


Peter Black said...

A dreadful moment of irresponsible behaviour, a terrible accident with unalterable devastating results, and tragic losses all round.
Very sobering, Dolores, and sandwiched, as it is, between the bright hope and joy of your grandaughter's advancement in her Christian faith, and the understanding and compassionate concern of your heart for this young man.
Thank you.

Dolores Ayotte said...


Thank you for understanding the compassion I feel, not only for the families who suffered such a great loss, but for the young man and his family who have been so tragically affected as well.

A very good friend of ours, through no fault of his own, accidently killed a five year old girl many years ago and it has haunted him ever since.

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