Friday, June 11, 2010

Marked or Marketing?- CARLETON

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The other day I noticed a tweet from Christine Caine that read “It is far better to be MARKED by God than to try & MARKET makes you known...being marked makes you anointed & effective.”

That tweet has been going through my thoughts repeatedly.  Since my book came out I have felt the pressure to play the marketing game.  I must admit that I have dabbled in this game, even though I felt extremely uncomfortable.  I admit that I did receive some degree of publicity and a sense of being “known” while playing the game.

As I look back over the time since my book was published I would have to conclude that the time I spent developing and growing my relationship with Christ rather than my marketing campaign I have seen God sized works.  I have witnessed things much greater than I could ever dare to ask or hope for.

I am going to hang that tweet right beside my computer screen and when I am tempted to the play the marketing game I will do an about-face and invest in what holds lasting value-- my relationship with my Lord and Saviour.  His marketing plan is always better.

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Cj Carleton is the 2008 Canadian Christian Writing Award winner for her first book “What Makes You Unique? Discover the Truth or Believe the lie”.  Learn more about Cj by visiting You can also connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.


Dolores Ayotte said...


I know exactly what you mean...there are many different ways to measure success. It's so hard not to be caught up in the worldly one! Thanks for the reminder. I needed it! :)

Peter Black said...

C.J., I believe you've described the discomfort many of us feel regarding the marketing side of our writing. Certainly, in our present day publishing scene, the author has a role to play in it. But praise God for the way He works to demonstrate His grace, and that it is not our scheming and striving, but our trust and cooperation with Him that ultimately counts.

violet said...

What a great quote/tweet in the face of all the current push-yourself-forward advice.

Cj Carleton said...

Thanks for your encouragement. It is a struggle for me and it is nice to know I am not the only one.

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