Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mentoring- CARLETON

Who do young girls today see as their mentors?  Actresses?  Models?  Singers?  Are they looking for the fame and fortune?   Or maybe they are looking to their teachers, young adults in the church or maybe their friends?  Who is encouraging, supporting and building up today’s teen girls?

It is an interesting, yet scary world out there.  Here is a quote I found- “Today’s teens have grown up seeing less of their parents and more of the evil world than any previous generation.  They are without heroes’.  They are desperate for love, in need of guidelines and seeking a reason to live.”

Titus 2 instructs women to teach younger women.  I am curious to ask teen girls what we may be teaching them. 

I see so much hurt in the lives of teen girls today.  I often ask myself what I am doing about it?  Am I living up to what God has instructed me in Titus 2?  Do the young women today inspire to be women of God?  Why or Why not?

I am asking myself a lot of questions that are burning on my mind these days.  What I have been finding in my own life is that I am too busy.  That I busy myself doing things with my family, with friends, work, etc.  But I leave little to no room for opportunities to be a positive example in the life of someone that God has placed before me.

In order to fulfill our calling in Titus we all need to “make” the time and be open to any opportunity that sets itself in front of us.  The word mentoring doesn’t always mean taking someone out for coffee once a week.  A new term that is being used is “lifestyle mentoring” which is more of what I am thinking about.  That we open our lives to a younger woman with a need that has entered our path. 

Take a few minutes today to read through Titus 2 and open yourself to what may cross your path.


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Cj Carleton is the 2008 Canadian Christian Writing Award winner for her first book “What Makes You Unique? Discover the Truth or Believe the lie”.  Learn more about Cj and her Mentoring Webinar by visiting You can also connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

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Peter Black said...

Your sobering challenge to ladies, Cj, speaks to men, as well; you don't let us off the hook.
This especially, as a significant dimension of Paul's ministry was in lifestyle mentoring of young men, such as Timothy and Titus (the latter whose letter from Paul,you quote), among others.
Thank you.

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