Friday, May 28, 2010

Spiritual Journey – Lawrence

You trace my journeys and my resting-places and are acquainted with all my ways. Psalm 139:2

God guides me along my way and I follow where God leads. I take every step that God takes. We step together as in a line-dance—side by side and in the same direction. It is not like dancing a waltz where one person goes forward and the other must step backward. No, this is a dance where we go in the same direction. We move side by side, our eyes looking toward the same goal, the same outcome—God is the direction and God is the way.

God is the map for our life. God traces our way as on a triptik. On a map, we see many roads that can take us to the same place. Some are direct like straight highways; some are country roads that meander their way along—perhaps their surface is not as good as the surface of a highway but the surrounding scenery maybe more beautiful. Some roads pass among houses, some among office buildings; some are pathways through parks beside little streams while others may cross over fast-moving rivers. The goal for our life is constant but the journey can take us along many different routes at different times in our lives.

I always enjoy the cartoon of Charlie in the weekend newspaper. How he loves exploring along his way when he leaves home on some excursion, making the most of every thing he sees and every person he meets, trying to make his trip as long and as exciting as possible.

As we go through life and grow in our spiritual life we experience many stages on our journey. There are times of walking and times of resting; there are times of climbing mountains and times of descending into valleys; there are times of fasting and times of nourishment. Through all these times God is with us as our guide and companion; our sunshine and our shade; the coordinator of our lives.

Life is continual change—little deaths and little births, a new experience every morning. Yesterday has passed away, today has come and is present now, tomorrow will be our new life. Our moments come, are lived and pass away into our memories where we can relive them in joy and remember God’s loving protection and guidance along our journey.

The goal of our journey is eternal life with the Divine, the ways to get there are diverse but all bring us to the harbour for which we are bound, in God’s infinite wisdom and love.

© Judith Lawrence (This meditation was first published on my website in August 2007)

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Dolores Ayotte said...


What a wonderful way to describe God and our journey here on earth.

I love the fact that we can take different routes to arrive at the same destination. It is a matter of free will. This is God's gift to us as his creatures and He is there for us every step of the way!

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