Friday, May 07, 2010

Visiting a Friend - Atchison

I remember when I was a young child and would complain to my father about having to go to church.

“Well, you go to your friends houses to visit with them don’t you?” He’d say.

“Yeah,” I’d reply.

“Well, going to church is like visiting the Lord at his house.”

That made sense to me, and I viewed being in church a little differently after that. When I went, I felt like I was making a visit to a friend in His house.

As I grew up and matured, and became busy, my church visits lessened. I missed church, but then I found a different perspective.

I decided that if I wasn’t able to go to church, I would find other ways to visit the Lord. I reckoned that taking a walk in a park, or hiking up a trail to a vast meadow and taking the time to stand in prayer was somewhat like visiting the Lord, and I didn’t have to wait for Sunday and church to do it. Everyday I can and do take moments to visit with Him in prayer.

To me prayer is a visit with God. I can sort through my problems, pay heed to things I am grateful for and put my thoughts out to those I know need help. Prayer is a visit that is unannounced. It just happens and afterward I am happier, uplifted and I walk with a lighter step.

My favourite times to visit the Lord in prayer are at night, ‘before I lay me down to sleep’, to reflect on the days events, to pray for family and friends, the world and its hardships, and to be grateful for the day I’ve had. Upon waking, I pray for a happy and successful day and the good things that will come my way; for a good outcome to upcoming events and any challenges that I might encounter in the hours ahead.

During the day, especially if I am out in nature, with the hot sun on my face, while driving, waiting, or just sitting quietly for a moment, I like to take time and visit the Lord in prayer once again. This time I pray for thanks, an acknowledgment of my life and the good things in it.

So while I’ve learned that church once a week is a great time to visit my Friend, so too is anytime of the day to slip in unannounced, chat, discuss and feel welcomed. I’ve yet to be turned away. My Friend’s door is always open.

Patricia L. Atchison
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Dolores Ayotte said...


You have no idea how inspiring your words have been for me this morning.

For over 50 years I attended Mass every Sunday except when ill. My husband did the same. Now after all these years, with the sexual abuse scandal taking place in the church, I have been unable to attend.

Every morning, every night, and several times during the day, I visit with my Friend. This has not been easy but both my husband and I feel it is necessary to take a stand. I'm sad to say that no one else has noticed except my Friend. But then...who else matters?

Peter Black said...

Patricia, thank you for this lovely and very personal devotional.
And of course, your point is so true - especially in view of the New Covenant economy of grace, in which those who trust in Christ receive the Holy Spirit, who enables us to worship God in Spirit and in truth wherever we are.
I was reminded of Hebrews 13:5-6 "God has said, "... 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.' So we say with confidence, 'The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid...'"
There is, of course great delight to be found in sharing in the fellowship of faith and worship when gathered with others of the family of God; but even that finds strength in the depth of the individuals' relationships with our Heavenly Father

Steve Finnell said...

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