Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill - Boge

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico indicates how an inability to stop a problem once it is detected can cause major damage.

Sufficient contingency plans were not in place to deal with the failed platform causing incredible damage to life and the environment. Ironically, engineering controls that are required in Brazil and Norway were not required on this rig.

Once the catastrophic leak started, there was no immediate plan in place to stop it.
Sin is similar to a failed oil pipe.

King David saw Bathsheba and instead of stopping sin at that moment, he continued on and the result was adultery, deception, and eventually death.

Instead of dealing with his adultery with Bathsheba, he decided to have Uriah killed in battle. What started as temptation grew into a problem far greater than he had ever imagined.

The faster we run to Jesus, the quicker he will heal us of our wounds, and the less damage we and others will incur because of our sin. Sin is pervasive. It waits for an opportune time to strike. We can avoid the massive blowout in our lives by ensuring we are following Biblical principles in honouring Christ.

But when sin does occur, we need to come to the only One that can fix the problem. The failsafe conducted on the oil rig did not include for the quick containment of a massive blowout.

Are we quick to employ the help of Jesus Christ in our lives? Or are we busy trying to fix it on our own, hoping we can stop it without anyone knowing?

The Apostle Paul said that the things he wanted to do, he didn’t do. And the things which he didn’t want to do, he did. Our sin is like an oil reserve that will continue to pollute our lives unless we choose to allow divine intervention to seal off the flow.

Fortunately, we have a Saviour who loves us and can come to our aid particularly when we realize we can’t fix it on our own.

Paul H. Boge is the author of The Urban Saint: The Harry Lehotsky Story

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Peter Black said...

An excellent illustrative and instructional article, Paul.
You've given that out-of-fashion word 'sin' a clear workout, and provided remedial steps.
Thank you.

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