Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tabernacle thoughts - Nesdoly

(April is National Poetry Month in Canada [and the U.S.]. That's all the permission I need to post a poem.)

Of all the fascinating images in the Bible, the tabernacle ranks right up there with the most intriguing. Many have studied this earthly tent, over which God's glory hovered as the Israelites wandered through the desert. Some extract meaning from its dimensions, the materials used to construct it, each piece of equipment employed in tabernacle worship, even its colors.

My study of the tabernacle has not yielded anything nearly so sophisticated - just some devotional thoughts which I have written in the form of old-fashion, traditional poetry. I hope you can relate.


i Materials (Exodus 25:1-9)

God asks from you an offering
He doesn’t want just anything
requests rare blue and scarlet thread
acacia wood, ram skins dyed red.

Bring to Him all your silver, gold
the bracelets, earrings you were told
to spoil from Egypt when you left,
bring willingly, don’t feel bereft.

The only gold you’ve ever owned?
Bring it to Yahweh, lay it down.
All your best treasures He will take
with them His Tabernacle make.

Not badger skins or incense sweet
our treasures to lay at His feet
but home, health, money, family
technology and time that’s free.

Confronts us with the same request
present to Him all of our best
a testimony house He’ll build –
our tabernacle with Him filled.

ii Construction Notes (Exodus 26)

The inner hidden part
the socket, loop and clasp
of linen, silver, bronze and gold
reflect God’s love of sterling art.

My inner house please mend
thoughts, words and private deeds
they’re often plaster, iron and tin
that crumble, rust and easily bend.

iii Pattern (Exodus 27:8)

Silver, wood and bronze
with gold take.
As it was shown you on the mountain
so make.

Mercy, love, forgiveness
Word gives.
As it is shown you in His presence
so live.

© 2010 by Violet Nesdoly

What does the tabernacle signify to you?


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Peter Black said...

Hey, good ol' rhythm and rhyme --
but nothing outmoded here; what a beautiful thought-provoking devotional piece!
Thanks, Violet!

Glynis said...

Simple, yet profound. I need to think more about the Tabernacle. Lovely Violet. Thanks.

violet said...

Thank you so much, Peter and Glynis! To me the Tabernacle is just an example of the Bible's incredible depth. The more we dig around, the more we find that's of significance - even to us these many years later.

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