Thursday, April 08, 2010

Poetry Of Faith — Martin

Who are the poets who best communicate the truths of our Christian faith? The tradition is long and rich. Scripture, of course, is filled with poetry, right from the first chapter of Genesis where it says:

“So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.”

right through to the 22-chapter poem known as The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I would like to encourage you to also spend time with more recent poetry. The Kingdom Poets blog is designed to help introduce you to a wide variety of poets who effectively communicate spiritual truths. Here you’ll be able to discover the poets whose work is most meaningful to you — whose style speaks most effectively to you. Every Monday you’ll be able to read of another poet. When you find one you particularly like, post a comment and buy a book by that poet.
By reading poetry you’ve never read before, you will develop the
sensitivity that enables you to be a more insightful reader of scripture.

Who are the poets that I suggest you read? Follow the link and find out. I think you’ll be surprised at how wide and rich and deep the tradition is — and how poets from various times and of different styles can speak to you.

Check out Kingdom Poets become a follower, and leave a comment.

D.S. Martin is Music Critic for Christian Week. He is the award-winning author of the poetry collections Poiema (Wipf & Stock) and So The Moon Would Not Be Swallowed (Rubicon Press). They are both available at:

1 comment:

Peter Black said...

Your knowledge and expertise in the area of poetry are tremendous.
Whereas I'm unlikely to be buying many books on poetry (I'm scaling down my library -- moving to smaller accommodations), I learn something of value on the subject with each of your posts.
Thank you.

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