Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NHL Playoffs: This Is It - Boge

I love the NHL Playoffs. It reminds me about what it means to live for Jesus.

Every year the best teams in the league shoot it out for a chance to advance to the Stanley Cup. Whether you are first place or eighth, one thing is clear for every player who laces up for a game:

This is it.

They have to win. Now.

Especially when it comes to Game 7 or another elimination game, each team knows it is all on the line.

There are no more chances to come back and try this again.

That’s the big difference between the regular season and the playoffs. In the regular season you can afford to lose four out of seven games at any given time and still have an opportunity to make the playoffs. But in the post season – losing four games in a series means you go home.

Each player has to go hard. Every shift. Every race for the puck. Every pass. Every shot. They have to count. They have to go 100% full out without any thought of being able to rewind and redo something.

It’s like Christianity. Each day, each moment I have the opportunity to live for Christ. Surrendering to Him. Doing devotions. Surrendering to Christ. Loving my neighbor as myself. Sharing my faith. Serving Jesus.

Life is not an exhibition game. It’s not even the regular season. It’s playoffs.

This is the only shot at life on earth that I have.

I can’t come back and try this over again. This is it.

If I’m down 4-2 and I’m playing in game 7 in the visitor’s building with three minutes left in regulation – I can’t afford to complain or wish that I had it some other way or ask to try it again. I have to press on toward the goal.

Or if I’m playing at home and shellacking a team 5-0 with the crowd going crazy, I need to keep at it, keep looking up to avoid the hits, and press on to the next round.

The most passionate Christians are like the best teams in hockey. They don’t look back. They don’t coast. And winning (staying faithful) is everything. They know this is it.

Like a great player who gives it 100% every shift, it’s a reminder to me to live for Christ each day.

Paul is the author of The Urban Saint: The Charles Mulli Story and Father to the Fatherless: The Charles Mulli Story and the director of Among Thieves.

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Peter Black said...

Great analogy and a clear challenge, Paul.
As one who knows regret for not having done certain things in life and Christian service better than he did, I appreciate the encouragement to press on. And by the amazing grace that has brought me safe thus far, I aspire to do just that.
Thank you.

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