Monday, June 04, 2007

Spiritual Positioning System - Dynowski

Nowadays, when we car-shop, we can choose a vehicle which is equipped with the Global Positioning System (GPS). Isn't it awesome, we can possess this tool, and with the aid of twenty-four satellites circling the earth, we can punch in our desired destination, and--Presto!--the GPS will give us accurate directions?

I could sure use this device since I am so not good at finding my way around and can get lost with no trouble at all. In fact, if getting lost were an Olympic event, I'd be a gold medal winner. When I should veer to the right, I inevitably turn to the left.

But much as this would be a valuable instrument, what I need even more than a GPS, is an SPS--a Spritual Positioning System. This equipment, operating on the four satellites of Scripture, prayer, sound counsel from Christians, and the details of my immedicate situation, would give me directions to my desired destination.

What is my desired destination?

I want to please the Lord. I want to live out my life, victoriously, to the glory of God. With His guidance, leadership, wisdom, and discernment, I want to be a blessing to all I come into contact with, whether I am aware, or not, of having crossed paths with them.

When we buy that car with the GPS--the price for the GPS has been included in the grand total. We've paid for it.

The SPS--it's free!

God Bless!

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