Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eclectic - Payne

Eclectic...I like the way this word forms in my mouth; the movement of my tongue as it clicks off the roof of my mouth. Try it. Eclectic.

My home decoration style is eclectic. I have an antique ceiling chandalier from the Netherlands in the same room as a solid pine country table, and a black Ikea coffee table in the same room as my collection of antique pewter bowls.
My writing style is also eclectic. I've taken stock of my writing and have found non-fiction books, short stories, book reviews, journal entries, magazine articles, newspaper submissions, devotionals, novels and poetry.

Here is a poem that I would like to share with you today:

Seasons of Love

A teardrop falls down my cheek,
but a cry is not heard.
Sadness reflects in my eyes,
but a word is not spoken.
As the snow outside melts aways,
it takes my love with it.
Love, found in the puddles,
along the sidewalk it trickles.
Love, like a flower,
beautiful and open in spring.
But under the hot summer sun,
wilts and blows away with the wind.
Love, whispers its goodbye in the trees.
Perhaps it will return,
with autumn's golden moon.
With each season, love reflects a different mood.
Love, like a puppet on nature's string.

Eclectic -- choosing the best out of everything. In writing, try your pen on all styles and then choose what fits you best.

Kimberley Payne

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