Sunday, August 21, 2022

Are We Almost There?


 Are We Almost There? — Carolyn Wilker

How long will this last? We asked that question two years ago when the first COVID lockdown occurred. At first, with no appointments or meetings, it provided a break from steady routines. But then it stretched out into weeks and months and before we knew it a year had passed. I longed for hugs from my grandkids. Visits with my friends.

When our daughter Laura brought groceries, my two oldest granddaughters came along. They stood outside on the front porch wistfully looking in and I looked outside, feeling the same. We were doing what we ought; it was so hard. Ana said, “I wish we could hug.” Great sadness filled her eyes. We started the air hug right then. “When we can hug again, I want a 72-hour hug!” she said. I agreed. We did the hugs with arms crossed and each hand touching the opposite shoulder. 

Much later we managed outdoor visits, porch to sidewalk, and then summer 2021, our first hug. The longest wait ever! Before that though we got creative with stories over Facetime, music jam sessions that way too. Whatever would we have done without technology? It was the way we stayed connected.

  planting a garden                               
                                                                                                       We baked too

Things we did to occupy ourselves in those early COVID days and forward


Reminds me of a devotional I wrote not so long ago. I wanted to say so much more, but I had to stay within a certain number of words for the publication. So I whittled and whittled words. The text was about Abraham and Sarah in Ur, near their family, being told by God (Genesis 12:1) that they must leave their homeland and go to a place that God would give them. Talk about uncertainty!

The second: “I will make of you a great nation,” (v.2) and their descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Pretty hard to believe if you’re 72 like Abraham with a wife equally as old. 

You and I would have planned our trip, with maps, Google searches, and GPS to know where we’re going. But Abraham had none of those. In fact he had no idea where they were going. They would have folded their tent, packed their gear, and set off, only God knew where. They had to develop patience if they didn't have it before.

They were told only, “A land I will give you.” Perhaps they lost track of time, but God was their guide and on they went. It must have felt like forever. After troubles along the way, they reached Canaan. Abraham was told this is their ‘forever’ home. Finally!

I’m guessing we probably would have gotten off that ride earlier, if we could. Like children on a long car ride. Are we almost there? Which reminds me of where we are today. I hope we get to the end of this ride soon, even if life is a little different than before. And God is there as our guide even as God was to Abraham.

Carolyn Wilker is an author, editor and storyteller from southwestern Ontario.


                                                         Photo by David McCammon





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