Saturday, October 14, 2017

Two Things I Need by David Kitz

As a writer I find there are two things I need – accountability and prayer.
I need accountability for a whole variety of reasons. Accountability keeps me on track. There are a thousand distractions that keep me from writing and achieving my goals. Knowing that I will need to report on my progress to someone keeps me motivated when I am tempted to procrastinate.
Accountability is my taskmaster. It keeps me honest and steadfast. I establish and report on my goals because if I don’t, I simply drift. Drifting is fine if you intend to go nowhere, but if you have a destination in mind you likely need a mentor or an accountability group. Our local Ottawa chapter of the Word Guild serves as an accountability group for me.
There's a much used cliche among authors. "The book writes itself, or wrote itself." There is a grain of truth in that statement, but don't swallow it hook, line and sinker. You still need to put in the hours of work. 
The second thing I need as a writer is prayer. I need the prayers of others because writing and being genuinely creative requires ‘alone’ time. In that alone time I need to hear from God.

You and I are image bearers; we bear the image of God. We were created to create. When we create using language, we are treading in the very footsteps of our heavenly Father–the Creator of all things. What enormous footprints He has left for us to explore!

Listening prayer brings us to the threshold of the creative realm. There we catch a glimpse of worlds and vistas unseen by anyone else. What a privilege we have as writers!
Are you working on a writing project? Do you need prayer and accountability to inspire your imagination and keep you focused? I welcome your feedback and prayer requests, or better yet contact the Word Guild prayer team. Let’s encourage one another in our divine calling as writers.

David Kitz lives in Ottawa with his lovely wife Karen. His most recent book The Soldier Who Killed a King is published by Kregel. 


Peter Black said...

Thank you, David. You evidently have a clear grasp on your writing call and on the direction you are to pursue for your foreseeable future. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and your willingness to pursue this call with accountability.~~+~~

Glynis said...

Simple instructions but so very true. You always give me the impression you are so focused and organized. An inspiration at best! Thanks for these good reminders, especially that we are to be image bearers! That's a daunting one some days.

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