Sunday, October 08, 2017

A Writer Counts her Blessings by Steph Beth Nickel

We writers include items on our Thanksgiving list that others may not even consider.

Sure, we're thankful for family and friends, for food and fellowship, but we're thankful for the following as well:

1. Words.

2. The ability to string those words together.

3. Vehicles to share those words (i.e.: books, blogs, social networks).

4. Those who help us communicate clearly (i.e.: beta readers, critique partners, editors).

5. Our readers.

6. Skilled writers to whom we look for inspiration.

7. Writing mentors, instructors, and teachers.

8. Trailblazers in the industry.
9. Podcasts devoted to writing and writing-related topics.

10. Online writing communities.

11. Writing conferences and workshops—in person and online.

12. Writing organizations such as The Word Guild and InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship.

And now for some lighthearted additions:

13. Coloured pens.

14. Shiny new journals.

15. Dictation software. (Because, seriously, who doesn't want to train their dragon?)

16. Deep discounts on writing booksor any books for that matter.

17. Ideas on how to decorate with books.

18. Whimsical bookcases.

19. Apps to organize our To Do list—and our life.

20. Twitter, which teaches us to communicate in 140 characters.

21. Writers' swag (i.e.: mugs, tote bags, t-shirts).

22. Wi-Fi ... endless research resources at our fingertips no matter where we are.

23. No internet access ... so we can stop researching (or checking Facebook) and actually write.

24. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, which give ready inspiration for blog posts such as this one.

As a writer, what are you especially thankful for?


Peter Black said...

Novel, smile-inducing and thanks-promoting! :) Thanks, Steph. ~~+~~

Peter Black said...
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Glynis said...

Haha! You made me screech to a halt at number 23 though! I could try ...

But you are right! We seriously have a lot to be thankful for on any given day! (and I'm thankful for you!)

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